An Accident in the Canteen

by Kavi Rajan (P3 2022)
              Drip drop… the rain continued to pour while the students at Evergreen Primary School were having their recess.  The canteen was bustling with activity.  An appetising blend of aromas floated about the canteen.  Mixed with that was the chit-chats and excited squeals the school children eager to catch up with their friends.  It was the tantalising smell of the noodles that drew Mary’s, June’s and May’s attention.  The group of friends joined the snaking queue at the noodles stall for some piping hot bowls of noodles.  June and May got their food first while Mary had to wait for hers to be prepared.
              As she was walking to the table where June and May were seated, Mary did not notice the puddle of rainwater on the canteen floor.
              “Look out, Mary!” exclaimed June from their table.  Unfortunately, Mary could not hear June’s warning.  She slipped and fell with a loud thud!  Her bowl of noodles spilled on the floor.  Mary sustained some injuries.  Everyone stared in shock at Mary.  Mary’s face turned red and she felt a sharp pain in her knees.  Tears started to well up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.  Mary began to sob uncontrollably.  Her friends were mortified by the accident.
              After they had regained their composure, June and May came to Mary’s rescue.  “Are you alright, Mary?” asked May and Mary shook her head.
              “Let’s go to the school nurse.  She will help clean the wound.” June suggested in a comforting tone.  They helped Mary to stand up and reassured her that everything would be okay.  Then, May bought another bowl of noodles for Mary.  Meanwhile, June brought Mary to the sick bay to attend to Mary’s injury.
              When they reached the sick bay, the school nurse administered first aid to Mary’s injury.
              “Don’t cry, Mary!  We’ll take care of you.”  The school nurse consoled Mary as she cleaned the wound with an alcohol swab.
              “Thank you, Miss!” Mary sniffled.  Once she was done, the school nurse put a plaster on Mary’s leg.
              Mary walked out of the sick bay feeling much better than before.  As she walked back to the canteen with June, Mary reflected on the importance of friendship.  She hugged her friends to thank them for their help.  The students enjoy the rest of their recess.  That day, Mary understood that a friend in need was a friend indeed.
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