An Accident in the Canteen

by Armaan Narwani (P3 2020)


“Ring! Ring!” the recess bell finally rang. The students in Greendale Primary cheered as they had a one-hour recess specially for that day. Emma and Tina dashed to the canteen and quickly bought their food. Then, they sat down at the nearest available table. The canteen began to bustle with activity.


“Have you seen Millie?” Tina asked Emma, “I wonder where she is.”


Millie was their best friend. Unfortunately, they were not in the same class as her. Nevertheless, they ate together every day. They waited patiently for Millie to arrive as their food was cooling down before them. Soon after, Millie met them at the canteen. Millie bought her favourite noodles. Her stomach rumbled in hunger. She carefully carried the tray of piping hot noodles towards where her best friends were sitting. She looked forward to chatting with her best friends.


Unfortunately, there was an enormous puddle of spilled soup on the floor. Millie walked towards the puddle, not realising that it was there. She was too excited to meet her best friends.


Millie slipped on the puddle of soup. The tray fell out of her hands and the food splashed everywhere. Millie fell onto the floor with a loud thud. She winced in pain. When Emma and Tina heard the commotion, they turned to look behind them. They saw Millie on the floor! They jumped out of their seats and helped Millie.


“Are you okay?” Emma asked worriedly.


“I am fine,” Millie replied.


Luckily, Millie was just a little dazed. Tina bought her another bowl of noodles. After finishing her lunch, Millie felt much better. A huge smile spread across her face. How lucky she was to have such good friends!

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