An Accident at Home

by Jaelynn Heng (P4 2023)
          “You will never take me alive!” the kitten meowed angrily, brandishing his sword at the big hungry rottweiler looming over him. Alexa watched, hanging onto every word of Space Kitties: Return from Outer Space, the sequel. She was so engrossed that she did not remember to close the windows lest the rainwater from outside should come in. Alexa was too busy watching Netflix when her phone buzzed, reminding her that she had been watching since noon. She sighed reluctantly and closed her iPad.


         When she stepped into the living room, she was confronted by a huge watery maze that she had to navigate. “Oh bother,” Alexa grumbled. “I’ll do it later. I’m too busy now.” She tip-toed to her desk and started on her Biology revision.


         When Alexa looked at the clock a few hours later, she realised that she would be late for class if she did not go then! Forgetting about the puddles of water on the floor in her panic, she rushed to her room to get her bag and miraculously managed to avoid slipping on any puddles of water on the way to her room. However, on the way back, she was not so lucky…


         A million things flashed through Alexa’s mind as she hurtled towards the ground. She only focused on one: was she going to get injured? Alexa squeezed her eyes together tightly and waited for the end to come. When she realized that she was not hurt or touching anything, Alexa slowly opened one eye. When she did, she was faced with the alarming and amazing fact that she was levitating. At that moment, she was so filled with joy and amazement that she did not feel her body or give a little shudder. It was only when she felt a violent shudder that she realised that she was losing control of her powers.


         There was one final thought that lingered in Alexa’s mind before she slipped into unconsciousness: Why didn’t I clean the puddles of water on the floor?
When she woke up, the first thing she saw was her mother’s red face and “V” shaped eyebrows, before thinking “Oh, dang it.” With that, she fell into darkness once again.


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