Mr Stewart Teng

Head of Mathematics Curriculum

As an experienced Mathematics educator of more than 20 years, Mr Teng has coached hundreds of Primary and Secondary students towards scoring distinctions for their Maths exams.
It is no surprise that students who apply his methods consistently score distinctions in their Maths exams. In fact, his students’ distinction rates of 88% for PSLE students and 80% for O Level students are way above national averages.
A testament to an illustrious career in the Ministry of Education, Mr Teng has been awarded the prestigious Outstanding Youth in Education (OYEA) Award and made vital contributions to education in his capacity as Head of Department and Vice-Principal (Designate) of one of the top performing schools in Singapore. Throughout his stellar MOE career, Mr Teng’s passion in maths education never wavered.
After leaving the MOE fraternity, Mr Teng co-founded and built VisibleMath Academy, one of the most impactful Maths programmes, and had the opportunity to help even more students improve their mathematical understanding and Maths exam results. He also conducted training for Maths HODs and teachers in schools, so that his methods can enable teachers to teach Maths better. Mr Teng is also co-author of the popular Maths assessment book series Visible Thinking Math and Getmethinking.

Ms Winnie Yeo

Education Consultant / Teacher

Ms Winnie Yeo has taught in MOE schools for over 15 years and has developed pedagogical expertise in teaching English, Mathematics and Science. She believes in lifelong education and learning outside of school settings.
After an impactful career in MOE, Ms Yeo continued to guide students across Primary and Secondary levels in Mathematics. As a volunteer with government and non-profit agencies, Ms Yeo understands the value of imparting strong morals in children in addition to their academic achievements. She strives to inspire students to learn and excel in academic subjects, as well as topics of personal interest, out of intrinsic motivation.
Ms Yeo attained her Diploma in Education and Bachelor of Arts (Education) from the Nanyang Technological University before embarking on her teaching career. She earned a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics while serving as a full-time teacher in MOE, an achievement she credits to her love for learning. Her interests include the development of technological innovations and how they impact teaching and learning, and the broader society.  

Ms Shabbna Feroz Khan

Education Consultant / Teacher

Ms Shabbna earned her degree from the National University of Singapore, majoring in philosophy with a minor in English Literature. Before that, she achieved a sterling academic record for English scoring A* for PSLE, A1 for O Levels and 7 out of 7 for IB English at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).
An English Language and English Literature tutor since 2013, Shabbna strongly recognises that each child has a distinct voice and dedicates herself to honing and nurturing her students’ individual voices.
Academically, Shabbna has always excelled in the English Language and humanities. Attaining an A* and A1 for English Language in the PSLE and O Level examinations respectively, she headed to Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) where she graduated with an IB Diploma, scoring a 7 in English A1 at the Higher Level.
It was at the National University of Singapore that Shabbna found a discipline that quenched her thirst for knowledge – Philosophy. She values and encourages questioning and independent thinking, often employing the Socratic method in her teaching.
She supplemented her hunger for all things antiquity with a Minor in English Literature, which further fuelled her passion for the English Language. Every lesson she conducts becomes an opportunity to rub off good reading habits on her students.
With a strong inclination towards social service, Shabbna opted for an internship with the Ministry of Social and Family Development in 2013 where she saw first-hand the hardship some children had to endure. The experience still plays a key role in motivating her to work with children.
In every lesson, Shabbna wishes to impart her love for the language to her students, with the aim that they, too, will grow to develop their voice, speak, and be heard.

Ms Cheryl Wong

Education Consultant / Teacher

Ms Cheryl Wong teaches English at the Primary and Secondary level at Cognitus Academy. Her love for the language is evident in her excellent English results, scoring A* for English at PSLE, A1 at O Level, and A for General Paper at the A Level. Ms Wong’s passion for the language inspires her students to enjoy the language and excel in their English examinations.
A Theatre Studies major from the National University of Singapore, her love for teaching started from volunteering at social services and community theatre projects. Ms Wong melds her expertise in teaching English with her knowledge of theatre and drama, and constantly seeks new pedagogy to combine both in order to ignite greater interests for the English language in her students. 
Being in Cognitus Academy gives Ms Wong the opportunity to teach English in her most natural way because she believes in the role of the arts and humanities in developing critical thinking, communication skills and empathy in students.

Ms Gursharon Kaur

Education Consultant / Teacher

A dedicated and versatile educator with a passion for fostering growth in students. Sharon brings a wealth of experience, including mentoring diverse learners and designing engaging lessons to Cognitus Academy.
Sharon served as an English Language and Literature Education Officer with MOE, managing classrooms, mentoring colleagues, and adopting innovative teaching methods to guide and motivate Secondary students with a diverse range of abilities. Sharon is known for her adaptability, collaboration, and unwavering commitment to students’ development. With a versatile career spanning diverse educational settings, she has honed their teaching expertise to bring out the best in every learner.
In her previous role at the United Language Centre, she mentored young learners, guiding them from absolute beginners to fluent speakers of English. Her experience extends to teaching adults from various backgrounds, fostering speaking skills, grammar, and vocabulary. Sharon has also excelled in conducting special programmes, such as the Junior Holiday Camp, where interactive activities promote language development. Prior experience at the Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity highlights her dedication to holistic development, focusing on self-awareness, presentation skills, and collaboration.
Notably, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education with a major in English Literature and a minor in English Language from Nanyang Technological University. Additionally, she has expanded her pedagogical skills with a Certificate in Teaching English to Adults (CELTA) from Cambridge University Press & Assessment English.
Currently pursuing Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner training, Sharon is committed to ongoing professional and personal growth. Join her in creating a nurturing and inspiring learning environment where students thrive and reach their full potential.

Cognitus Academy Teacher Training Programme

Teachers form the foundation of our English programmes and are screened meticulously and trained rigorously before they enter the classrooms to teach.

Having been a teacher trainer at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Dr Daniel Chua has not only crafted a solid curriculum for our students, but also an effective training programme for our teachers.

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Cognitus Academy teachers are interviewed at least three times and must exhibit the following qualities:

✅ Professionalism
✅ Compassion
✅ Dedication
✅ Passionate
✅ Inquisitive

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All teachers appointed by Cognitus Academy undergo an intensive 3-month training programme in order to develop the following core competencies:

✅ Positive classroom culture
✅ Lesson preparation
✅ Lesson delivery
✅ Assessment and feedback

Whereas these competencies take months or even years to develop, the Teacher Training Programme puts the teacher on a strong footing at the start of their teaching journey.

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During the training programme, teachers will be trained through the following modes:

✅ Classroom observations (weekly for at least two months)
✅ Reports of classroom observations and reflections (weekly)
✅ Weekly review meetings with mentors
✅ Weekly reading reports (see reading list below)
✅ Curriculum design exercises
✅ Diagnostic reports of students’ weaknesses
✅ Sterling results achieved in internally conducted English exams at the PSLE, O, and A-Levels.
(Note: Our teachers must be able to achieve strong results before expecting students to do so.)

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Apart from honing their craft in teaching, our teachers must develop academic and philosophical roots in their pedagogy by studying the following materials in-depth.

✅ Singapore Chronicles: Education (S Gopinathan)
✅ Essential Motivation in the Classroom (Ian Gilbert)
✅ Critical Thinking (Paul and Elder)
✅ Dos and Don’ts of Behaviour Management (Roger Dunn)
✅ Designing a New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Marzano)
✅ The Quality School (Glasser)
✅ Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties (Winebrenner)

By the end of the training, every teacher is well-positioned to be successful as an educator for all students at Cognitus Academy.

For NIE-trained teachers who are interested to join the team at Cognitus Academy, please note that the training programme may be customised to complement your current expertise and experience.

Cognitus Academy invites all qualified, passionate and committed individuals to apply for the following positions.

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