A Time You Were Embarrassed

by Gareth Chua (P5 2020)


“Boohoohoo! Boohoohoo!” John was crying and tears were raining down his cheeks. This has all started that very morning…


Ring! Ring! Ring! John’s alarm clock rang incessantly as he sat up to stop the noisy alarm clock. The deafening noise was intolerable. Oh no! I have an examination today and I am one and half hours late! John thought.


Without a second thought, John immediately burst open the door and raced to school. Even though John was running at the speed of a cheetah, everything around him seemed to be slow.


“I’m here!” John exclaimed as he pushed open the doors at the eleventh hour. As the doors swung open, John saw shocked faces on his school mates and some of their jaws even dropped!


John had worn his favourite Mickey Mouse pyjamas and his sister’s bunny bedroom slippers to school!  The whole hall burst with laughter.


John was so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide in it, warm tears started to fill his eyes too. He felt his cheeks burning and his ears heating up uncontrollably.


Not long after, he broke out into tears. Many people started calling him Mickey and he did not even know if he wanted to live anymore.


The laughter went on for a long time when the teacher, Mr Ang, came into the hall. “STUDENTS! STOP YOUR LAUGHTER THIS INSTANT!”


After hearing Mr Ang’s voice, the whole hall fell into dead silence. Mr Ang lectured the students, “There is no need to laugh at John! Accidents happen and people make mistakes sometimes. That was uncalled for. As for you John, let’s get you changed out of your pyjamas and let you take the exam.” John nodded his head in agreement.


After this incident, John vowed never to stay up late gaming and he learnt to be more careful in the future. When John passed by anyone in school, they would say, “Hey Mickey” or they would make squeaking noises. This carried on for a week until it finally died down.

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