A Time You Travelled to an Interesting Place

by Roswell Khawarizmi Zahrul (P5 2021)
                “Wow, Johor Bahru is intriguing!” I exclaimed. Three years ago, my uncle, my parents and I were travelling to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We were all on a plane, as it spread its wings high in the air, flying like a bird. Sitting in the middle of the plane, I looked at the map of Malaysia as we were visiting my family members there.


                After a few minutes, the plane had arrived at Johor Bahru. The aeroplane door opened automatically as we made way into the airport. From there, we walked farther from the airport to the old house my oldest family members were living in.


                Once we reached there, we knocked on the door gently and only my great grandparents responded. They invited us in their mahogany wood house. Inside were big bedrooms, a kitchen, a living-room and a backyard full of green plants and trees. While we sat down for lunch, the rest of our relatives saw us and greeted us welcomingly. While my great grandparents were preparing lunch for all of us, I learnt about the history of the house. During World War Two, this house was a hiding place for Malaysian natives who protected themselves during the Japanese Occupation.


                At last lunch was ready! The food was delicious. Then, we all decided to stay here for the rest of the day. We played hide-and-seek and played with drones on the sandy grass.


                Throughout the day, we spent countless hours talking, playing and having fun in the historical house. We had a whale of a time there with the extended family. Time had passed by quickly. Soon, it was evening and we went back to Singapore by car. “Today was fun, everyone,” I uttered softly. I was tired from all the fun that day, which was quite a day to recall.


                After my uncle dropped us off at my house, he drove himself home. After all that, I convinced myself that Malaysia is one of my favourite places. I would like to go there more often in the future. It was really an adventure there.
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