A Time When You Regretted Doing Something

by Jayden Tan (P6 2022)
           “Remember, you are grounded! No skateboarding or leaving the house no matter what!” Dio, the school bully, groaned upon hearing his parents repeat his punishment. He was so disobedient and mischievous that he had been suspended and forced to stay home while his parents went to work. Dio rifled through the pages of his book mindlessly. He would usually ride on his skateboard when he was free but his parents had kept it concealed from him.


          Dio’s mind was fixated on the skateboard. Just then, an idea sprung to mind. He sprung up from his bed and thought “They must have kept the skateboard somewhere in the attic. They have always forbidden me from going up there!” Dio retrieved the stool from his closet. He could not bear the boredom of being at home. He decided to disobey his parents. He dashed out of the room without thinking twice. He placed the stool in front of the attic. After numerous attempts, he managed to climb up into it. Taking his phone from his pocket and turned on the flashlight, he searched for the skateboard until he found it. He jumped down, ran back into his room, locked his door, set up a decoy to take his place and together with his skateboard, jumped the fence. Without any safety gear, Dio was on his way, grinning from ear to ear.


          Dio rode on his skateboard feeling the gust of wind caressing his skin. He started skating towards the local park near their house. Dio was on cloud nine. Like a bolt from the blue, a toddler had crawled onto his path. Dio knew that he could not stop the skateboard in time to avoid the toddler. He was zooming at a high speed and beads of perspiration formed on his forehead. With his face as pale as a sheet, he tripped on a rock and was sent flying into the air. It all happened so quickly. He braced for impact as he closes his eyes.


          As he landed on the ground with a thud, he heard his parents calling out to him. He opened his eyes to the concerned faces of his parents who were peering down at him with their brows furrowed. It turned out that his parents had reached home earlier than expected and has seen the stool and the door of the attic opened. Not taking long to figure out what Dio had done, they dashed to the park, only to witness the horrifying accident. They rushed Dio to the nearest hospital for medical attention.


          Dio woke up to the sound of weeping. Looking around, he saw his legs and hands in a cast. Tears of sadness welled up in his eyes and his heart sank at the sight of his injury. “Why was I so reckless? I should have never disobeyed my parents. Now I have to bear the pain of the injury and the guilt for making my parents cry. Why am I like this?” Dio thought to himself as a wave anger and sadness flooded him.


          After a thorough examination, Dio was discharged from the hospital, unable to forget the unpleasant day. From that day on, Dio learnt to be obedient and follow instructions to prevent injuries from occurring.


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