A Time When You Made A Mistake

by Alyssa Chew (P6 2020)
        “Ben! Are you done?” I shouted as I approached his house. Ben and I were best friends and have been staying near each other since we were young.


       “Almost,” Ben called out. Ben came out when he was ready, and we headed to school together. Just before we reached the school gate, Sam, the class bully, bumped into me. I hit the roof as he almost made me fall.


        “Suddenly, an idea hit me. “I am going to make Sam fall down,” I laughed to myself while telling it to Ben.


      “Are… you… sure? I don’t think you should,” Ben replied. I rolled my eyes at him while sashaying into school. In class, I could not wait for snack break.


       “Okay, kids, it is our snack break. I have a surprise for you – chips!” our form teacher, Mr Yip, said. Our class cheered. I gobbled down my bananas, so that I could take some chips from Mr Yip. As I saw Sam walking from his seat to grab some chips from Mr Yip, I quickly placed the banana peel on the floor. At that exact moment, Mr Yip went to the toilet and asked the monitors, Ben and Amy, to take care of the class.


      Suddenly, I heard a sound. Bang! Sam had fallen down and hit his head on the tables. I heard my classmates laughing at Sam and could smell trouble coming. Sam could not move at all! Ben and I stared in shock. What have I done? I thought while trembling.


       Ben quickly approached Mr Yip and told him about the incident. Without hesitation, Mr Yip called the ambulance. The ambulance arrived as swift as lightning. Mr Yip also called Sam’s parents while the paramedics arrived with a stretcher and lifted Sam onto it. Mr Yip told Ben and Amy to once again take care of the class before the relief teacher arrived.


       Mr Yip rushed to the hospital with the paramedics in the ambulance while calling the principal, Miss Lee, to inform her of the situation and requested for a relief teacher to look after the class. I sat in my seat, filled with guilt, staring into space. I also hoped no one had seen what I had done.


       Meanwhile, Mr Yip was waiting outside the emergency department when Sam’s parents arrived. Mr Yip told them what had happened. Was I going to be expelled? At this moment, the doctor came out of the emergency department to tell Sam’s parents about Sam’s condition.


      “Mr and Mrs Tan? I’m so sorry to tell you that your son’s neck has been severely damaged. I am afraid he will be handicapped,” the doctor said shaking his head.


       Sam’s parents crumbled in despair and wailed. Mr Yip told them that I had caused him to slip and they wanted to sue me. However, I apologised profusely and promised that I would never do it again. Thankfully, they forgave me.


       From that day onwards, I reminded myself not to be so angry over a small thing. Sam also became a better person and stopped bullying others. I became his school buddy and helped him with everything he needed in school and pushed his wheelchair whenever he needed at school. My grave mistake had made me a better person. Best of all, Sam and I are friends now.

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