A Time When You Fell Sick

by Julien Sim (P4 2022)
              “Boo!”  Noah and Shane tried to spook me when I answered the door.  “Happy Halloween!”  Everyone was grinning from ear to ear while we showed off our costumes.  Just like many others, we were dressed as our favourite Halloween characters like Dracula, the Frankenstein monster and the Werewolf.  I was excited for that day to arrive.  Noah and Shane were trick-or-treating with me as we wanted to get the Halloween candy together.  After my parents reminded us to stay safe, we went to Toa Payoh and Ardmore Park to collect all types of savoury sweets and snacks from other park goers celebrating Halloween.  We met so many people and received so many sweets that night.
              When I got home, my parents advised me to keep the sweets in the refrigerator and to eat them in moderation.
              On the following day, I was still marvelling at my jack-o-lantern that was filled to the brim with candy that I could not carry it with my two hands.  I could not resist them and ate my sweets continuously despite my parents’ advice last night.  I ate and ate until my cheeks were like that of a chipmunk busy preparing for winter.  I then went to my room and slept like a log.  After my nap, I played some games with my sister.
              Unfortunately, after a while, I developed a stomach ache and felt nauseous.  The pain was excruciating and I was in agony.  I asked my parents for help and we went to the doctor.
              “Have you had only large meals recently?” the doctor asked after checking my vitals.
              “I ate a lot of my Halloween snacks today,” I explained sheepishly.  The doctor informed me that everything should be taken in moderation.  My parents were fuming in anger when they found out that I had eaten the sweets.  I apologised for not listening to them.
              Feeling sorry for my predicament, my kind and affectionate sister woke me up from my nap and offered me a warm drink.
              “I hope you will feel better soon,” she said with a smile.  I thanked for her thoughtful gesture.  It took one week for me to recover.
              As the proverb goes, “Once bitten, twice shy.”  From that fateful incident, I learnt not to overindulge on too many sweets and practise self-control.


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