A Time When You Disobeyed Your Parents

by Partha Kavi Rajan (P3 2022)
         “Class, please remember that your English examination will be held next week,” my English teacher, Mr Chia, reminded the class at the beginning of his lesson. ‘’You should have revised most of your work.’’ My classmates replied Mr Chia with a resounding yes. Satisfied with the reply he had received, Mr Chia continued his lesson. Unfortunately, unlike my classmates, I had not even begun on my revision. As I started forlornly at my homework folder that was filled with overdue assignments, my heart began to race. Feeling scared that I might fail the test, I decided that I should start my revision that evening.


         Before my parents left the house for a movie, they advised me to make full use of my time by revising diligently. They reminded me to focus on my work and that I could not watch television that night. With a sweet smile, my mother said “I know that you will work hard. See you later! Miss you. Bye.”


         “Bye!” I replied. After that, I read through all my papers only once. Then, I sat on the couch and I watched television all the way until right before my parents came home. When they asked if I had completed my revision, I nodded my head.


         In the examination hall, I received the examination paper. Immediately, I flipped through it and stared at the questions one by one. Cold sweat was running down my forehead and I was shaking like a leaf. Every question seemed foreign to me and I could not understand any question. I knew that doomsday had come for me.


         After a few days, we got back our results. To my dismay, I had failed. I got so scared that I thought that my parents will scold me until I had learned my lesson. When I got home, I was forgiven but before that, I had received a severe tongue-lashing. The thing that was surprising was that my parents had forgiven me even though I had disobeyed them.


         The entire incident left an indelible mark on me. After all that, I decided to be a more responsible student. As the saying goes, “We are made not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility of our future!”


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