A Time When You Disobeyed Your Parents

by Leon Lam (P3 2022)
              “I’ll be heading John’s house now to practise soccer before our big match!” I exclaimed from my bedroom as I packed my soccer ball into my bag. As I was walking towards the door, I heard a shrill voice cry out from the home office, “Remember, don’t play indoors as John’s parents had just installed a new window last week!” My mother made sure she reminded me of this again even though I had told her that I understood her. As soon as I walked out the door, dark clouds rolled across the sky. Soon, it started raining cats and dogs. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me because I had forgotten to bring an umbrella.
              Finally, I reached John’s house. When I entered the house, I expressed my worry that we could no longer play soccer outdoors. John then told me that his parents were out of town so we could not play with the video game console. We slumped sulkily on the sofa while it continued to rain heavily.
              “Maybe, since my parents are out of town, we could play indoors,” John suggested after a few minutes of silence. Instead of abiding my mother’s advice earlier, I agreed to John’s suggestion. We started to play and encountered many close calls. John almost broke his mother’s vase and I almost hit John’s pet cat until disaster struck. I had kicked the ball in the wrong direction and suddenly, “Crash!” I had accidentally broken the window! We let out an involuntary gasp and our eyes were as wide as saucers.
              “Oh, NO! What are we going to do?” I cried. I pondered on what we could do when shortly after, I saw John staring at his pet cat, Fluffy. There was a glint in his eye and I knew that it meant a plan had crossed his mind.
              “Maybe we could blame the cat! Fluffy always breaks everything,” John suggested while the cat let out a yawn. After a long period of time, we decided not to blame the poor cat and instead, we knew we had to apologise to our parents. We told John’s parents everything when they returned home about ten minutes later. They informed my parents and fortunately, they forgave us. From that day on, I learnt to listen to my parents and have integrity by owning up to my mistakes.
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