A Time When I Was Embarrassed

by Olivia Lim (P5 2020)
Dear Diary,
            Guess what?! Today is and will always be the worst day of my life. Here’s what happened. A few days ago…


            “Class, I will be picking the Inter-class Football competition team members to represent our class,” my teacher announced. Upon hearing this, I grinned and whispered to Leslie, my best buddy.


            “Dude, I bet I will get picked. I was the best player last year,” I boasted confidently. True enough, I got chosen. I was so excited and honoured and could not stop myself from sharing this piece of news with friends from other classes. “My team is perfect with me,” I thought.


            Finally, after much anticipation, the day of the soccer match arrived. The atmosphere seemed unusually hot. There were tensed whispers and excited cheers all around us. The spectators at the side were buzzing with excitement. I could feel adrenaline pulsing through my veins while I took in everything around me. Perspiration dripped down my brows as I clenched and unclenched my clammy fists repeatedly. What is going to happen? Will we win? What if we do not? Will I be the star player? These questions raced through my mind in a continuous loop.


            Before long, my team got assigned our first match.


            “Pheet!” The referee’s shrill whistle sounded in the air to signal the start of a match. The first match was easy and so was the second. We gained more momentum and managed to advance to the finals against some very strong opponents who were the defending champions.


            The match started well. We scored a goal, and soon after, they did too. I ran as fast as I could, intercepting the ball whenever I could. Then, Brian, my teammate found an opening in the opponent’s defence and managed to play another round to determine a winner.


            I was very confident that my team would win the next round and started going to the other team to boo them. The next round kicked off. I intercepted the ball mid-pass between our opponents. I was so delighted to be able to put my agility on full display. However, at that moment, an opponent took advantage of my overconfidence and snatched the ball away from me. This time, my classmate Ian got it and he kicked the ball to me.


            There was only ten seconds left. Ten… nine… I had it. I grinned broadly and as I was near the goal, I decided to take a chance. It was now or never. Seeing my opponent nearing me, I kicked the ball in the direction of the goal post, sending it flying in the air. As I watched it sail through the air, my heart was pounding, and I felt like my heart was in my mouth. This was the crucial point. Seven… To my horror, it sailed pass the defender and landed five metres away from the goalpost. The defender quickly passed it to a teammate who kicked it in the direction of his goal. Three… I simply could not believe my eyes! What luck! He shot it in when the whistle blew for time!


            The other team had won! That was because of me, Brad Toassst! The one who was the star player last year! I felt my face change from light orange to crimson red. I heard muttering amongst my teammates “…proud…missed…star player…” I felt so ashamed of myself. At that moment, I wished there was a hole in the ground that could swallow me up. Too embarrassed to face anyone, I dashed to the toilet where I shed tears uncontrollably. I was all because of me! I had thought that I was the best! Leslie, upon seeing me in this state, tried to comfort me by telling me that I had tried my best and that it was not entirely my fault. He said that there would always be a next time. I was grateful for his kind words and felt much better.


            I do not think that I would forget that day. I hope you understand that I did not mean to boast. I would never, ever try to boast again. Now, I also know, pride comes before a fall.

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