An Embarrassing Moment

by Jake Loke (P5 2020)


“Mum! Today I’m going to deliver a speech in school! I’m going to talk about global warming!” Tom exclaimed.


Tom was having breakfast and preparing to go to school. His essay on global warming had come in first place in the school essay writing competition. Therefore, he was chosen to deliver the speech in school. As this was his first time speaking in front of an audience, he was very nervous.


When Tom reached school, cold beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. While he was waiting for his turn, he rehearsed in his mind what he was going to say. Finally, the moment had arrived. It was Tom’s turn to go on stage.


As Tom was walking to the stage, he was overwhelmed by the electrifying support from the audience. He could hear his classmates cheering him on, calling his name. Suddenly, his heart pounded very fast against his ribcage. He could not feel his feet anymore. He stood frozen to the ground.


I must stay calm! I can do this! Tom thought.


As he mustered his courage to walk up the stage, he missed a step and tumbled to the ground. His right ankle bent in an awkward angle, sending a rude shock up his right leg. Tears started to well in his eyes as the pain became unbearable. Worse than physical pain, Tom started to feel his cheeks blush with a deep warmth. He started to sob audibly. At that moment, Tom felt very embarrassed. All he could hear was the laughter in the air. He wished there was a hole in the ground for him to hide.


Just then, his form teacher, Mdm Lim, went forward to help him up. Despite the fall, Tom still managed to finish his speech. After the speech, the principal went on stage to tell the school that it was wrong to laugh at someone when he or she made a mistake.


Some of the students went forward and apologised to Tom after the principal’s rebuke. Tom accepted their apologies. That moment may have been his most embarrassing experience but it did not undermine his achievement.

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