A Time When I Was Embarrassed

by Ethan Ng (P5 2020)
      On a windy Sunday, I was walking along a street to the mall to meet my friends, as the wind was blowing on my face. I thought to myself, “Today is going to be a fun day! I am finally going to watch the new “Sonic The Hedgehog” movie with my friends!”
As I was walking casually, I felt bored, so I took out my phone to watch some YouTube videos. Someone was calling out my name, but I was too engrossed in using my phone, so I did not hear him. Therefore, I continued walking with my eyes glued to the screen. I could watch the “Sonic” trailer forever.
      Suddenly I felt something hit my toes and then my phone flew out of my hand as if someone had snatched my phone from me. When I landed on the floor, I heard a loud “crack”. My legs went numb and I felt a surge of pain behind my neck. Then, giddiness struck me. Before I blacked out, I saw my phone flying in the air towards the direction of the drain.
       When I woke up, my whole family was standing beside my bed with my best friend, Cayden. I tried to move my head, but I could not! Worried that I was paralysed, I wailed. My mother took out her phone and showed me a picture of me lying motionless on the pavement. “You fractured your neck and fainted. You were lucky you did not break your neck! Someone picked up your phone and wallet, found my number in your wallet, and called me. He told me you had fainted and that your phone screen cracked!” my mother explained while I looked at the photograph of myself. I thought to myself “I am wearing a neck brace! I look so ugly!”
       The next day, I did not want to go to school because I did not want everybody to laugh at me. However, my mother insisted that I should not miss any more lessons. When I went to school, everybody laughed at me just as I had expected. It was embarrassing to wear a neck brace. My friend, Cayden, did not laugh at me but stood up for me. As Cayden knew what had happened to me, he told everyone what had happened and how serious it was to fracture your neck. Soon, the people who laughed at me apologised to me, even my enemy, Oliver. I accepted their apologies, and they swore not to make fun of me.
      Soon, everyone else came to ask me about my story and I felt intoxicated by the attention.  From that day on wards, I never used my phone while walking.

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