A Time When I Got Lost

by Png Kai Xin (P4 2021)
                “Yay! It’s Chinese New Year!” I exclaimed with a smile plastered on my face. My mother decided to bring me to Orchard Road to shop for new clothes as it was Chinese New Year. I was bubbling with excitement. We took a cab to Orchard Road.


                We reached Orchard Road in the blink of an eye. My mother paid the cab fare and we started to browse some items at the nearest shop. Out of the blue, I spotted a bubble tea shop and could smell the fragrance of the bubble tea that was wafting through the air. I loved bubble tea! My eyes were twinkling with glee. Without hesitation, I let go of my mother’s hand and ran off to the bubble tea shop. My mother did not realise that I had let go of her hand as she was focused on looking at clothes at the shop.


                Upon reaching the bubble tea shop, I gazed at the menu. I really wanted to order a cup of bubble tea with extra pearls. “Mummy, can you buy this for me please?” I asked before I turned around to look at my mother. My mother was not there! I then remembered that I had left my mother without informing her. My teeth chattered and I began fidgeting nervously. I raced off to a shop nearby to look for my mother, but I still could not find her! My heart pounded wildly and I dashed back to the bubble tea shop, hoping that she would have gone there to look for me. However, after a while, my mother had still not appeared! My hands turned clammy as tears welled up in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. I was lost!


                “Kai Xin! Kai Xin! Where are you?” I suddenly heard my name being called out from a distance.


                “I’m here! Right here!” I replied, my voice shaking in anxiety. I immediately recognised one of the voices, it was my mother’s! The other voices sounded like male voices. They followed the sound of my voice and caught sight of me. I recognised my mother and three security guards dashing towards me. I raced towards my mother, and we hugged each other repeatedly. We heaved a sigh of relief. My mother thanked the security guards repeatedly too.


                Once we arrived home, my mother explained, “I realised that you were not with me, so I went to the nearest bank and explained to the security guards what had happened. They were the ones who helped me find you.” I hung my head in shame.


                That day, I learnt a valuable lesson not to run off by myself and to inform my parents before leaving them.


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