A Theft

by Christabelle Tan (P4 2021)
       Janet’s heart was beating wildly in her chest. She prayed hard, hoping to be the winner for the art competition that year. Janet had put her heart and soul into her art piece for the competition. She desperately wanted to win the new premium set of washable markers that was listed as the grand prize. Holding a slip of paper in her hands, the teacher announced that Janet was indeed the winner for the competition. Janet was on cloud nine and a smile spread across her face upon hearing she was the winner.
       Her sister, Jessica, was in the same class as her. As the class applauded for Janet and congratulated her, Jessica sat silently in her chair burning with envy. After all, she had won every year’s art competition and she wanted the set of markers, too! As Janet went up to the front of the class to collect her prize, she saw Jessica glowering at her. Just as the class resumed their lesson, Jessica whispered menacingly to Janet that she did not deserve the prize. Jessica’s words were dripping with poison and Janet was hurt.
       During recess, while all the students were in the canteen, Jessica snuck up to the classroom and took the set of markers from Janet’s bag. Then, she put it into her own bag and went back down to the canteen. She felt very happy as the set of markers was with her.
       After recess, their teacher was late so Janet decided to draw a picture with the set of markers. Just as she was trying to find her markers, the teacher walked in and saw Janet desperately trying to find something so she decided to ask her what was wrong. Janet exclaimed and said she lost her markers. The teacher immediately reported it to the principal. The principal arrived at the classroom and decided to conduct a bag check. She asked all the students to put everything under their desk and their bag on the table for the spot check. Jessica felt worried. The principal checked everyone’s bag. When she opened Jessica’s bag, she found Janet’s set of markers. The principal passed the set of markers back to Janet and reprimanded Jessica severely. Jessica was also suspended from school for two days.
        As the saying goes, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Jessica learnt her lesson that day not to steal anybody’s belongings again.


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