A Theft

by Cathy Chew (P4 2021)

        Rose is a very naughty girl. She knew she would get scolded if she asked to buy a toy from the toy store near her house but she kept on pestering for the toy. “May I have the new toy from the shop nearby, please?” Rose asked. However, every day and night she asked for the toy, her mother would reply “No” in a strict tone. She sighed in exasperation and stomped off.
       One quiet night, Rose’s mother decided to buy some new groceries at NTUC as some of their groceries had expired. Father agreed and drove them to NTUC. While walking in White Sands, Rose was curious as it was very quiet. She looked left and right as she furrowed her eyebrows.
       All of a sudden, something caught her eye. She saw a classic handbag which was red with a rectangular wallet bursting with many colourful notes!
       “Mother, I feel tired and do not want to shop,” Rose lied, pouting her lips. Upon hearing that, Rose’s parents patiently replied, “Please wait outside for us until we finish shopping.  She was bubbling with excitement as she wanted to take the notes and use them to buy the new toy from the shop nearby.
       Once her parents were out of sight, Rose crept towards the bag slowly and stole the wallet.  She decided to steal it as the toy she had been eyeing was just at the toy store. She wanted to buy it with the stolen money. Not long after, her parents finished buying the groceries they needed. They saw Rose holding a wallet from someone else’s bag. They walked towards her gritting and baring their teeth.
       Rose had no choice but to tell the truth. After hearing her confession, Rose’s parents’ faces turned as white as a sheet. Her parents scolded her sternly and they were very disappointed that Rose thought about stealing to get what she wanted. She felt sorry as she hung her head in shame.
       That day, Rose learnt an important lesson to not steal things to get what she wanted. In future, Rose will never steal anything from others anymore.


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