A Special Companion

by Ashlynn Teo (P6 2019)


Ring…! The recess bell rang. All the students made a beeline for the canteen like a swarm of bees. Alice and I were chatting at our class table. “Hey Alice, do you remember how we met?” I asked.


Alice replied, “Oh yes! It all started out the time you were bullied by Bob.” We closed our eyes and reminisced…


“Students, I have an announcement to make. Today, we have a new pupil. Her name is Ashlynn. Please welcome her,” Our teacher Mrs Lee announced.


The class went to their seats and sat down. I saw an empty seat next to cheeky, sly and mischievous Bob, the school bully. At that time, I had no idea that he was a bully until he started harassing me. He kept bullying me day after day. He took my stationery, leaving me with nothing to write with and I was not able to do the school worksheets. I ended up getting scolded by teachers. He took my wallet and I could not eat during recess, making me starve in school. Not only did he take my things, but he also punched me, kicked me and made fun of me. He kept bullying me every day I went to school. I wanted to tell Mrs Lee but I was too shy, scared and timid. I hated going school but my mother said it was compulsory.


One day, Bob was once again bullying me. He took my wallet and kept punching me. This time, he was caught by a prefect in our class, Alice. Once she saw what Bob had done, she bolted to the staffroom to look for Mrs Lee. She knocked on the door repeatedly until a teacher came out. Luckily, it was Mrs Lee. Alice told her everything. Mrs Lee was not shocked at all. Alice led Mrs Lee to Bob and when I caught sight of them, my tensed muscles eased. Mrs Lee was fuming with anger. Resentment flashed in her eyes as she stared at Bob. She clenched her teeth and fists while her heartbeat and blood pressure increased.


Mrs Lee conducted an investigation. She asked Bob a few questions and realised that Bob had been bullying me since I started attending the school.


“Are you okay?” Alice asked me kindly.


“I’m fine. Thanks,” I answered.


“Why didn’t you tell Mrs Lee about all these?” she questioned.


I shared with her about me being shy and scared, getting scolded by teachers and my other experiences. She comforted me by telling me the rough time she had when she first joined the class. Mrs Lee praised Alice and paid more attention to me from then on. Whenever I had troubles, I would share it with Alice and she would always try her best to help me. As we chatted more often, we soon became best friends and I felt lucky to have a best friend like her.


The loud melody of the recess music brought Alice and I back. I told Alice, “You know, you inspire me to be kind, helpful and caring. I really want to be like you.”


We headed back to our class assembly point and helped each other every time. I could not imagine how life would be like without a special companion like Alice.


“How dare you bully another student! I guess you haven’t learnt your lesson. You will see the principal and discipline master later. You will be suspended from school for a week and have detention for a month. You have to clean up after everyone. Your parents will be informed…” Mrs Lee bellowed.

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