A Special Companion

by Ethan Lim (P5 2021)

               “Come on!  Let’s go for a walk!” I called out to my beloved dog Aurora while tugging on her leash. Aurora barked and bounded towards me. Going for a walk was her favourite activity. I could not help it but smile at her unfettered joy. I simply could not remember how life was like before I had Aurora. She meant so much to me. Memories of that fateful day when I needed Aurora the most came flooding back into my mind as though it was just yesterday. I sighed as the events of that day unfolded vividly in my mind…

               My dog Aurora is a big golden retriever with beautiful fur and used to live with a wealthy family. On one unfortunate day, Aurora’s owner, who was a young boy with troubling anger management issues, threw Aurora into a swimming pool because she had accidentally stepped on his toy and broke it. Aurora was pushed with such force that she broke her leg as she splashed into the chlorinated water.  Unable to swim, the poor dog started drowning.  Luckily, the boy’s father saw what had happened, leapt into the pool and saved Aurora. Then, he dropped her off at a dog pound. Since that day, Aurora was not only an abandoned pet, but she also developed a fear of water that whenever she sees any body of water, she would immediately whimper and run away.

               I had met Aurora on my birthday when my parents had promised to get me a dog. It was what I had always wanted.  I was jumping and down as they brought me to the dog pound. Full of eagerness and anticipation, I looked at the selection of dogs and hoped to find the perfect animal for me. When my eyes met Aurora, a deep connection was formed. Her eyes gleamed with joy. My heart swelled with happiness as I knew without a doubt that this was the dog for me.

               Over the years, I treated her with much love and affection and our bond grew stronger with each passing day and I treasured Aurora as a pet.

               Unfortunately, tragedy soon struck when I was taking a walk with Aurora along a deep lake.  As we were admiring the view, a loud noise soon broke the silence. I saw a stranger throw his bicycle to the side, and marched toward me and… Bam! He pushed me into the lake. As I panicked and struggled in the lake, I could see the boy’s face more clearly. I realised that it was Aurora’s previous owner. The boy’s eyes widened in horror. He wanted to push the dog but in his fit of anger, he accidentally tackled me instead.

               “Help! I’m drowning!” I cried in desperation.

               I could vaguely hear Aurora barking wildly at him and as a means to get someone to help me, but it was to no avail! Aurora decided to face her fears and jumped into the lake. She pulled me by the collar of my shirt and managed to drag me onto shore. Aurora then started chasing her previous owner. Soon after, she sat next to me as I regained my composure. Half an hour later, the boy returned with his head hung in shame. He eventually apologised to me and explained that he was still enraged at Aurora for breaking his toy.

               After that fateful incident, I realised that Aurora was truly a special companion. Her deep love for me as her owner helped her conquer her fears.

               “Let’s go, Aurora! Time to go home and I will give you some treats!” I exclaimed as my beloved pet dog bounded for joy. We spent the entire afternoon at the park. I would forever be grateful to her and would always cherish her as a special companion.


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