A Regret

by Chiok Ke Xuan (P6 2022)
          As I sat on the couch, my heart was filled with guilt. I recalled how terrible my mistake was, regretting my every move.


         It was finally the start of the school holidays. As soon as I reached home, I slumped into my bed. “Freedom!” I yelled in glee.


         “Tim, stop slacking. Didn’t you say that you wanted to learn how to skate? Your father bought you a new skateboard. He will start teaching you tomorrow!” my mother said with delight. Immediately, I jumped out of my bed and sped downstairs. Laying on the dining table was a marvellous skateboard with my name carved on it. The colours, shape and size of each pattern were incredible.


         “Can I start now?”  I questioned impatiently. My mum shook her head and firmly said that it was too dangerous. A frown filled my face. Disappointed, I bought my new skateboard up to my room.


         As I stared at the window, I realised how perfect the weather was. The sun was shining, and the birds were chirping. There were not many people as well. “No one will know that I snuck out and it will not be dangerous. There aren’t many people anyway!” Without hesitation, I tiptoed out of the house. “I can’t wait any longer! I can’t wait!” I murmured to myself.


         At a nearby park, I placed the skateboard on the ground. Despite being clueless on how to skate, I found a creative way to do so. One of my favourite moves was sitting on the skateboard, with two hands on it, using my legs to move forward.


         Not long after, I crowned myself “Master of Skating”. I finally got the hang of it and was skating all around. “My method is amazing!” I announced. At that moment, I saw a long and steep slope. My face lit up and I quickly barrelled down it. I was filled to the brim with confidence. I flew down the slope with excitement and joy.


         Suddenly the six-year-old boy who was at the side playing with his ball rushed into my path because his ball had rolled away. As he saw me speeding towards him, his face turned white, and he stood rooted to the ground. Within a few seconds, both of us collided and flew into the air. The boy landed on the ground with a loud thud. His skin was stabbed by some small rocks. As his skin had been lacerated, blood started oozing out.


         The boy was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he received treatment. Fortunately, his injuries were minor and not infected. However, I got severely reprimanded and was banned from any dangerous sports.


         After that incident, I felt nothing but guilt and regret. Every time I recalled it, tears continuously flow out. I did not even have a chance to apologise.


         “Tim, why are you still awake? Go to bed!” a familiar voice called for me. My mother had her arms crossed as she stared at me. I ran up to my bed after hearing her words. I really regretted my mistake. If I had made a better decision, things would not have ended this way.


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