A Proud Moment

by Kalen Seah (P4 2021)
        “I really want to open a bakery someday.  I had tried so many rounds to win in many baking competitions.  So I have approval certificate to set up my own bakery.  Sigh….” I muttered “Today will be my final baking competition before I risk being disqualified.”
       I continued to mumble to myself as I walked to the supermarket to get fresh ingredients for my walnut almond fruit cake.
       When walking back home, I started thinking about how I could attempt to win the finals and save myself from the embarrassment of being disqualified.  I really loved baking and wanted to pursue my passion.  When I reached home, I immediately washed the fruits and other ingredients and packed them into my bag.  Once I was ready with my belonging, my mother and I took the taxi to Baking Plaza.
       When we arrived, I set up my table with fruits, flour, walnuts, almonds, egg, sugar, water, and baking powder.  The other bakers were preparing their tables too.  I was shivering in fear and I was really nervous.  Seated in the audience, my mother gave me a reassuring smile.  I returned her smile and calmed myself down.
      Soon, there was a loud sound from the stage.  Everyone turned to look at the man standing there.
       “Welcome to Bakers’ Got Talent where aspiring bakers test their skills to win a grand prize of a shimmering gold trophy.  I am your host, Zachary Chua.  Now, I am going to introduce these famous and talented at baking judges!  The first judge is Hua Yang Heng.  The second judge is Maximus Ilham.  Last but not least, we have Sophia Elham!  Now, bakers, you may start at the count of three….two….one”
       Beep!  The countdown timer began ticking away.  My heart was pounding wildly in my chest.  Anxiety gripped me.  I looked up to the sky, took a deep breath and started baking.  I mixed the eggs, sugar, flour and water.  With a pinch of baking powder, the mixture smelled even better.  I poured the mixture into the tray and slid the tray in the oven.  While waiting for my cake to bake, I made frosted syrup.  I added heaps of sugar with a dollop of syrup and melted it over the stove.
       Finally, the cake was ready.  I added almonds and walnuts to it and of course, the frosting syrup.
       “Pi, Pi, Pi” the timer set off.  The two hours had passed.
       “Please present your cake to the judges!  They will savour all the delicious cakes you have prepared.  Competitors,, you are dismissed for lunch!  The judges will soon decide among themselves who will win the competition.  Please come back in thirty minutes.” the host exclaimed.
       After lunch, I immediately rushed back as I was eager to find out who the winner was.  When I reached, I realised no one was there yet.  I checked the clock and saw that only twenty five minutes had passed!  I waited in eager anticipation for the next five minutes to pass.  People began streaming back into the plaza.  My mother gave me a quick hug and wished me good luck.
       “Now that everyone is ready, let the judges announce who the winner is,” the host said excitedly.
       “The winner for this competition is…….Jimmy Kor Xian Yu!   You have won the grand prize: a gold trophy and an approval certificate which will allow you to save up for a bakery along Neil Road.”
       “Your mother had told us everything and we hope you will succeed.  Despite being last in other rounds, your perseverance has inspired us.  We decided to invest in your own bakery!”  Sophia Elham said.
       My eyes lit up upon hearing this statement.  I ran over and hugged my mother.  It was truly a memorable day.  I was very proud on what I had accomplished.


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