A Proud Moment

by Armaan (P4 2021)
                “Yes, I finally got hired as a Master Chef!” Bob said proudly.


                Bob was dancing and jumping up and down. A huge grin spread across his face. It was always Bob’s dream to be a Master Chef since he was a child. Since he was young, he used to cook pizza, pasta and many other dishes. He always used to cook dinner for his family since he was ten years old. He cooked the best meals and desserts. His food was delectable.


                Bob was enjoying his job. He had been doing his job for two months. The restaurant was rated five out of five stars because of the delicious food. Bob was the highest paid chef in Singapore. And he also received an award for being a very good chef. He used to work in the restaurant on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. He rested only on Saturdays and Sundays.


                One fine day, Mr. Jack, Bob’s boss suddenly stomped inside the kitchen. He came into the kitchen with a Mexican celebrity chef. “Oh my gosh! Is that John Whick?” Bob asked.
                “Yes, it is,” John Whick replied.


                “Bob, John Whick is excited to work at our restaurant. I can’t hire both of you, so I have decided that you are going to do a cooking competition against John Whick! You only have two days to prepare. Hmm, I better get some popcorn ready. Bob, if you lose you will get fired and John Whick will get hired. But if you win then you can keep your job and John Whick will not get hired.” Said Mr. Jack.


                Bob was planning his competition dish and he was cooking twenty-four-seven until the competition started.


                It was finally the day of the cooking showdown between John Wick and Bob. There were one thousand people in the audience. Bob and John Whick were both extremely anxious. Both of them walked into the hall of the competition. All the judges were ready. Bob and John Whick were also ready. “In that case, let’s start the cooking competition in three, two, one… Start!”


                Bob and John Whick whipped out their supplies. The time was ticking. There was a single drop of sweat rolling down Bob’s cheek. They had two on their clock to make the best dessert they could make. John Whick was making gelato while Bob was making tiramisu, a famous Italian dish.


                “Three, two, one, stop!”  Bob and John Wick lifted up their hands. The judges split up the desserts into three pieces because there were three judges. All of the judges tasted their desserts and discussed who the winner was. Bob and John Wick both bit their nails nervously.


                “Drumroll, please. The winner of the cooking competition is Bob!”


                “Yes! I won against the cooking celebrity John Wick!” Bob said.


                From that day, Bob was a cooking celebrity just like John Wick. Bob’s heart swelled with pride.


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