A Proud Moment

by Alexis Goh-Earwaker (P4 2021)
        “Yay!” I thought. Today I was going to enter the Canton Middle Primary School’s running competition.
       Ring ring! The school bell rang. I quickly said bye to my friends, Jenny and Olivia. Then I had a quick brief with my coach. After about ten minutes, there was an announcement that said, “All competitors to the floor, please.”
       I had a quick warm up, then went to my lane. Surprisingly, I was next to Cassie. Cassie was a very good athlete who normally won running competitions. Today, I was determined to beat her. Whoever won would become captain of the Canton Coyotes school running team.
       “3, 2, 1, beep!” The referee blew his whistle.
       At that moment, I remembered that I had not tied my shoe laces. However, I did not care and stormed ahead. Suddenly, I fell to the ground, my knees bleeding. I could not even get up. The voice inside my head was telling me that I could not run any more.
       Just as I was struggling to get up, I heard Jenny and Olivia cheering for me. This was the motivation I needed. Rejuvenated, I carried on at full speed.
       After one minute, I reached the finish line. I could not believe I had won first place. My friends cheered so loudly for me that the stadium was almost shaking.
       The referee announced, “The winner of the 800-metre race is Tori!”
       Once I heard my name, I was as proud as a lion. I stood on the podium with my chest out, my face beaming with pride. Cassie had come in second place and Lena came in third. Cassie handed the trophy over to me. I lifted it over my head proudly.
       After school, I saw Cassie come to me. She said, “Good job Tori!” I also thanked her for having good sportsmanship. At home, Jenny and Olivia came and gave me a medal they made themselves. I happily hung it over my neck and thanked them profusely.
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