A Proud Moment

by Aidan Tan (P4 2022)
              Looking at the trophy awarded to me beside my bed, I recalled the proudest moment of my life and what had happened that day…
              “Click, click!” I was searching on the internet for ideas for next month’s cooking competition. I was scrolling down when something caught my eye: a cheesecake. “Aha! This is what I want!” I shouted at the top of my voice. I wanted the recipe for a cheesecake!
              I immediately started buying the ingredients for the cake. I also bought some kiwi, strawberries, butter and cherries and started practicing how to bake the cake. I was proud of my ability to plan everything so smoothly. I started testing my cheesecake to see which was the best cake. I tested 100-over cheesecakes and I thought my cracker cheesecake was the best.
              After one month of preparation, I was ready and very confident that I would win the cooking competition. On the day of the competition, I arrived at the competition venue and the competition started.
              First, I carefully mixed the flour with cream cheese, sugar, eggs, sour cream, vanilla, salt and crushed crackers. Then, I put them in an oven to bake.
              “Ding!” the oven timer chimed and I opened the oven door. To my horror, I had a cake with a cavity in the middle.
              I quickly put a cherry where the cavity was and decorated it with all the ingredients left to cover the mistakes.
              “The time is up!” The judge boomed. When I placed my cake on the table, I felt like a cat on hot bricks, my palms became numb, my feet were starting to sweat. When the judges ate my cracker cheesecake with crunchy crumbs, the satisfaction on their faces comforted me. When they announced the winner, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was disappointed when I was not the second runner-up; I was down in the mouth when I was not the first runner-up. But when they announced the winner, they said: “The winner is… Bobby!”
              I could not believe my ears, I had won! It was the proudest moment of my life. I realised that hard work pays off. That night, I barely slept; I kept looking at my trophy and thinking what had happened that day…
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