A Precious Pet

by Fabrienne Loh (p5 2019)


Looking at the pictures of my dog, Snowy, I recalled depressing memories that occurred five years ago. Sadness crept over me when I began to reminisce those memories. But time had passed and was never going to come back.


One day, I came home from school and saw a kennel in front of the door.


I thought to myself, “Why is this kennel here? I do not have a dog.”


Suddenly, I heard a yelp that echoed from the kennel. I was puzzled. Then, I heard two familiar voices shout, “Surprise! We bought you a puppy! This is your reward for such excellent, outstanding examination results.”


It was my parents! I ran to the kennel and saw a West Highland White Terrier puppy in the kennel. I squealed and immediately flung the kennel door open to cuddle my new puppy. Her fur was as white as snow. Her eyes gleamed in the light. She was an absolutely adorable puppy. As soon as I saw her, I decided to name her Snowy because of her pure white fur. I was so grateful and thanked my parents profusely.


Snowy was truly special because she always comforted me when I was upset. She was also fun to play with. Most importantly, she would always be there for me. From that day onwards, whenever I came home, Snowy would come sprinting to the door to greet me. Seeing her bounding towards the door was a daily sight.


Until one day, it ceased.


As usual, I came home from school and expected her to come rushing to me but she did not. After a long five minutes, there was still no sign of her. I tried calling her multiple times but nothing worked. I went to her dog bed and saw her lying on it. At first, I thought she was asleep but once I touched her nose, I realised that something was terribly wrong. She was motionless!


As my parents were not at home, I used the house telephone to call Mother about Snowy and asked if they knew what had happened to my precious pet dog.


As soon as I had finished speaking, she replied; “I am coming home now! Something is wrong.”


Before I could reply, she put the phone down. In the blink of an eye, she arrived at home and made her way to Snowy’s dog bed where she was lying. Mother touched Snowy’s body and tears welled up in her eyes.


“Mother, what is wrong?” I asked, concerned.


“I am afraid that Snowy will not be coming back to us. She has passed on,” Mother replied to me tearfully.


Both of us started to wail after she said that. I was so depressed that I was rendered speechless. It had been a wonderful fifteen years of Snowy’s life but its life eventually had to come to an end.


Every day, I would still hope to gain back Snowy’s warm greeting when I come back home. I knew it was too unlikely to expect her greeting me at the door again but I always wished she would greet me in my heart. It has been five years since that fateful day and I will never forget her. She remains the most special companion in my life.

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