A Pleasant Surprise

by Victoria Png (P5 2022)
              It was one week before Christmas and my house was filled with festive cheer.  The only thing I hoped to get from my Christmas wish list was a puppy.  I had always dreamt of having a puppy, as I was the only child, and it could be quite lonely at times.  However, I did not want to get my hopes up, as I knew neither of my parents liked the thought of having a furry companion around the house and all that came with it.
              It is a lot of responsibility, and you would have to clean up after it, give it baths, feed it regularly and walk it,” my parents would say every time I pleaded for a puppy.
              I knew the responsibilities and was ready to take them on.  Unfortunately, even with my enthusiasm and resolve, my parents still disagreed to get me a puppy.  There were very few chances of getting it, but I still tried asking them again that week.
              “Oh honey, pick something else instead, there are so many toys that you can pick,” my parents responded as usual.  As expected, I thought giving a resigned sighs, I groaned inwardly.  For the rest of the evening, I hung ornaments on the Christmas tree as my parents hung some reefs and stockings.  That night, I went to sleep with the hope that my dream would ever come true.
              The shrill cry of my alarm clock jarred me from my slumber.  “Oh my goodness, it is finally Christmas day!”  I exclaimed excitedly, and I dashed down the stairs to the living room.
              “Good morning, Bella!” both my parents chirped with a huge grin on their faces that was brighter than usual.  I had a nagging feeling they had something up their sleeves.  My curiosity was piqued and many questions assured my mind.  They played Christmas carols, and they sang along to the merry tunes as they scooped some scrambled eggs and French toast onto my plate.  Just then, I caught my father winking at my mother as if they had a secret code and walked out of the door.  I grew perplexed and bewildered.  I wondered what they could be hiding from me when I asked my mother where my father had gone, she simply said that he had gone to pick something up.  An hour passed and I just bashed it off.  I figured that they were merely picking up a log cake which they had ordered for dinner.
              About another hour later, my father came back with a gift that had a bright red bow on it and many holes poked in it.  The box moved a little and they told me it was time to open gifts and I should open the large gift box with holes first.
              I immediately unravelled the ribbons and pulled open the cover of the box.  Lo and behold a gorgeous puppy was in it!  It was white and fluffy and extremely adorable.  On its neck was a glittery pink doggy collar.  It came with a Christmas dog outfit made just for her.  A radiant smile lit up my face, and I was saturated with happiness.
              “Thank you so much!” I cried as I hugged my parents.  They just gave me megawatt smiles and hugged me back.
              I fell in love with the puppy at first sight.  I named her Daisy.  It was the best Christmas ever.  The rest of the day was spent with my new puppy.  My parents had also gone shopping for dog beds, toys, food, and a lot of other things.  With all her new things, it seemed like Christmas for Daisy too!
              As I reflected on the day’s events, I realised that giving is as important as receiving, since it can really make someone’s day.  I solemnly vowed to pay it forward.  Over the years, I developed a really close bond with Daisy and spent as much time as I could with her.
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