A New Experience

by Joyce Tu (P5 2019)


The chattering sounds of kids and adults in the theme park grew louder as my friends and I stepped closer to the entrance of the theme park. It was the start of the June holidays. I was joined by my good friends, Nacy, Cammy and Janice. We had planned a playdate at this theme park as it recently came up with new exciting activities, and we could already see rides on the way there.


Excitement bubbled inside my friends and me as we soon arrived at the entrance of the theme park. ‘The Eight Flags’ sign hung above the entrance of the theme park which had a long line of people waiting to try the new activities. It sure looked as if it was going to be a long queue to get in but we had no choice but to mix in with the crowd and wait for our turn. Close to an hour later, we finally could enter the theme park. We were all dazzled by the wonderful atmosphere around us.


Woosh! The roller coaster on our left zoomed around the loop, making its last turn before the end. Nacy tugged my arm, insisting that we go on that ride, but I refused.


“I will not go on that ride with you! If you want, you guys can go on your own and I will do something else,” I blurted out.


Nacy’s face suddenly turned into a sad frown. It was just that I was not the daring and adventurous type of girl and I had never ridden a roller coaster. My friends knew that they had to do something about it, so while I was caught up in my game of ring toss, they started plotting.


Not long after, Janice suggested to me, “Hey Crystal! Why don’t we go take a break at that food stall over there?”


Thrilled, and famished, I nodded my head and rushed over there. Ah, finally something relaxing to do, I thought. Little did I know that I was falling straight into a trap.


Just as I was about to reach the food stall, I got pulled over to a queue next to it. My friends chuckled mischievously, while I was still dumbfounded with surprise. As the queue moved forward, I realised that it would end at the gates of the roller coaster. It was already too late to escape. We were already in line with what must be at least a hundred people packed behind us. I was stuck. Reluctantly, I accepted what had happened.


Time crawled by slowly, and every second I waited, my heart pounded faster in my chest. I could not help but fidget restlessly and smile nervously whenever we got into a conversation. My muscles were tense like iron, my heart thrumming against my ribcage like a sledge hammer, and the next thing I knew, we were the next to board the ride. Excitement rolled over all my friends, except for me.


Slowly but surely, we got on the ride. All four of us sat together and I was the only one with hands tightly gripped and eyes shut tightly at the beginning of the ride. A moment later, the roller coaster started, first going uphill, then we were hung at the highest point, not knowing when it would drop. After several suspenseful moments, we plummeted down at full speed. Everyone let out shrieks of delight. I could only scream hysterically, losing all awareness of my senses. The ride then went on with many crazy loops and drops. When I finally opened my eyes at the end of the ride, my eyes were covered with a layer of fog.


“Wow! That was actually pretty fun! I think I may have fallen in love with riding roller coasters!” I joked to my friends when we got off.


I was actually pretty surprised by how fun the ride was and although it was scary, I was glad I got pranked. If not, how would I ever get a chance to experience how it feels like on a roller coaster? I smiled at my friends warmly. This truly was an interesting first experience.


Just as I thought all these pranks would stop, my friends decided to prank me again after seeing my first reaction. This time, it was my fear of frogs and other slimy creatures. And so, a new story unfolds.

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