A New Experience

by Zachary Tham (P5 2021)
              “Woohoo!  This ride is the best!” I screamed at the top of my voice as I was reaching the peak of the rollercoaster. I was extremely excited for the rollercoaster ride. The adrenaline rush that surged inside me was intoxicating. The beautiful scenery from the top of the rollercoaster had been an unbelievable sight to behold. As the rollercoaster raced down from the top of the peak, I enjoyed the wind blowing in my face while the shrill screams from the other riders cut through the air. The unfettered joy I felt had reminded me of the first ride I had sat on.
              I was with my parents during the school holidays. We were queuing in line for the rollercoaster ride in Disneyland. I was feeling nervous as this was my first time ever sitting on a rollercoaster ride because I was too young to sit on it before and I felt chill go down my spine. When I sat on the rollercoaster, my heart was pounding wildly against my chest. My father had suggested for me to sit on the rollercoaster to see if I am scared of it, so I challenged myself by taking a rollercoaster. Hearing the screaming of the people made me doubt my decision but I was determined to overcome my fear.
              The rollercoaster was going up to the highest point of it. I heard the conveyor belt’s grinding sound as it brought us up. When we reached the top, the rollercoaster came to a halt. My legs were dangling in mid-air. Just when I expected the rollercoaster to take the plunge, there was an announcement over the speaker.
              “There is a fault in the ride,” the man informed us. Every time I looked down, it felt like I was going to fall but I was suspended in mid-air. My stomach lurched as time ticked away. There were stains on the sides of the ride. At the corner of my eye, I saw the ride operators walking up the stairs.  They asked everybody who was on the rollercoaster to get off safely. We proceeded down the stairs and back to ground floor. The people as well as myself heaved a sigh of relief.
              Even though the day took an unexpected turn, I still wanted to try out the rollercoaster. After they repaired the rollercoaster, I sat on it again and it felt less nerve wrecking. In fact, I enjoyed the ride tremendously.
              From that incident, I learnt that rollercoasters are actually not very scary. I was excited, instead of nervous every other time I sat on rollercoasters.
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