A Nerve-wracking Incident

by Vonn Chua (P6 2021)
              “Ding dong!” My doorbell rang. A deliveryman at the door announced that he had a package for Mr Tang. I thought it was a new MacBook and my heart raced as I opened the safety cover and saw the laptop inside the box. My father told me that he had bought a new MacBook a few days ago and said it would be arriving shortly. My father was not at home, and he was at his office. I was not allowed to use the laptop, but I could hold it, so I decided to remove it from its box.
              However, Tim, my curious younger brother, followed me into my room to see what I was doing as he had seen me with the laptop. He eagerly asked, “Tom, what are you doing with Dad’s new laptop?”
I replied, “It is new and don’t lay your sticky hands on it. It is none of your business, so go away!” My brother always ruined my plans. However, my brother started to become as angry as a raging bull and decided to snatch it from me before I could open it. My brother quickly grabbed one side of the laptop while I took the other side of it. My brother and I used our full strength to snatch it away from each other.
              Just then, I heard the sound of the garage door opening. Our jaws dropped and we dropped the laptop on the floor. We heard the sound of glass shatter, and I knew the screen had cracked. We both stood rooted to the floor as we did not know what to do. At that moment, my father called for us. I quietly thought about pushing the blame to my brother as I knew the consequences would be severe. My hands became clammy.
              “Why is my laptop in your room?” My father questioned when he entered my room. I replied, “It was Tim who brought it inside, but he was so careless and dropped it on the floor.” To my surprise, my father did not scold him and insisted that it was okay.
              After some thought, I decided to tell him the truth. I took deep breaths and my eyes started to tear as I confessed that it was I who had dropped the laptop. In spite of that, my father still did not scold me and revealed that the laptop was supposed to be mine. I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked my father repeatedly. He said that he would need to fix the broken screen.
              That day, I apologised to Tim for pushing the blame to him. I learnt that I should admit my own mistakes and face the music if I ever did anything wrong. I learnt to be responsible and take good care of my new laptop to avoid anymore nerve-wracking moments.
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