A Memorable Incident

by Keith Low (P3 2022)
              “Mom, I am done with setting up the dining table,” Zora called out to his mother who was still busily preparing the food in the kitchen. Joyful Christmas cards played on the radio and Zora hummed while waiting for his mother’s reply. Zora’s mother thanked him for his help and asked if he could assist her with the presents. With a skip in his step, Zora brought some neatly wrapped presents from his room and set them neatly under the Christmas tree. He espied his name on one of the bigger presents. His eyes sparkled with wonder as he thought about what it could be. Christmas was Zora’s favourite holiday and he had spent all morning making sure that the house was ready for his grandparents’ arrival that evening.
              “Zora, please help me to prepare the turkey and the gravy on the dining table. Bring me some eggs too!” Zora’s mother asked him, snapping him out of his daydream. Unfortunately, while Zora was carrying the items, he tripped on a table leg! To his dismay, the eggs broke while the turkey and gravy spilled all over the floor!
              “Zora, why are you so careless?” his mother exclaimed but when she saw how tears had welled up in Zora’s eyes, she gave him a hug and cleaned the mess. After he thanked her, Zora promised not to do it again. Luckily, his mother had more ingredients for the Christmas feast so the mishap did not ruin the festive cheer. Zora managed to assist her with the preparation.
              “Phew! Mom managed to prepare dinner in the nick of time with my help,” Zora sighed with relief. He wanted the evening to be as special as possible. “Ding dong!” the bell rang just as everything was perfectly set up. His grandparents had arrived! Zora offered them a seat and a glass of warm eggnog. The celebration continued with a hitch, with peals of laughter and cheer!
              As the author Charles M. Shulz once said, “It is not what is under the Christmas tree that matters, it is who is around it.” From this incident, Zora formed a stronger bond with his family. The joyful events on that day would remain etched in his memory for a lifetime.
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