A Memorable Celebration

by Haziqah Sarah (P3 2020)
     “Are you almost done getting ready?” My mother kept asking me frantically while getting dressed in her room. Mum was speechless to see me in the unicorn-themed shimmery rose-gold sequin dress with a matching unicorn hairband. Mum hugged me tightly grinning from ear to ear. Just in time, my dad announced that he had arrived at the carpark via a phone call. Mother and I got into the car in anticipation as dad kept us in suspense.
     It was indeed a long ride with my adrenaline pumping. Finally, we arrived where nature meets retail – Jewel Changi Airport! There was a twinkle in my eyes as I gazed at my mesmerising surroundings while strolling with my parents, looking forward to our dining experience.
     “Yes! My favourite restaurant, Swensen’s!” I squealed in delight. At our reserved table, I dug into the food immediately. The banana split with strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge, strawberry and pineapple toppings, fresh banana slices and almonds was irresistible. In the meantime, my dad excused himself to the washroom.
     A few minutes later, my dad unexpectedly walked in with a three-tier cake decorated with fresh, white vanilla cream frosting and topped with rainbow-coloured sparkles. He had not gone to the washroom after all! The moment my dad placed the humongous cake on the table, I was on the edge of my seat. My mother took the lead and everyone in the restaurant started singing the evergreen “Happy Birthday” song in unison. Surprised, I closed my eyes tightly to make a wish. I took a deep breath before I blew all nine candles in one blow.
     After I blew the candles, we cut the cake together and shared it amongst ourselves and the staff. All of us indulged ourselves in the red velvet cake filled with fresh hazelnut cream. After our stomachs were filled, I received presents from my parents. We reminisced about all of my past wonderful birthday celebrations.
     Though I was reluctant to leave the restaurant, we returned home with many memorable moments to cherish. I learnt not just the importance of celebrations but the joy of sharing in celebration with loved ones. My day ended with me thanking my parents with big bear hugs.

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