A Horrifying Incident

by Ilman Way (P2 2020)


Lessons had ended for recess. Tim started to pack his stationeries into his pencil case. He noticed that one of his pencils was missing. In a few seats away, Russell was laughing to himself as he twirled a familiar pencil in his hands.


“Russell, why did you take my pencil?” Tim shouted, as he stormed towards Russell’s desk.


Russell smirked at how enraged Tim was. Russell wanted to steal the pencil from Tim because Russell was the class bully. He also saw Tim’s pencil and thought that it looked good. James and his other classmates were shocked at what they were witnessing.


Russell threatened Tim. He was much taller and bigger than everyone else. He wanted to hurt Tim, but he was stopped by James. Everyone surrounded Tim to protect him from Russell.


Russell wanted to amuse himself by tripping James. Unfortunately, Tim did not notice Russell’s foot sticking out and fell victim to the trick instead.


“Watch out, Tim!” shouted James as he waved his arms to alert Tim about Russell’s foot.


Tim tripped on Russell’s foot. Tim accidentally hit his head on the edge of the table. Russell was shocked. His mouth fell open.


“Ouch!” Tim cried uncontrollably.


There were some scratches on his forehead. James and his classmates rushed to help Tim. He was sent to the principal’s office. Fortunately, the wound was not serious.


The office staff cleaned and applied medication on Tim’s wound. Russell had to serve class detention for one month. Russell apologised to Tim and promised that he would not bully or hurt other students again.

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