A Heart-warming Response

by Gareth Oh (P6 2022)
          The piercing cry of the school bell reverberated through the corridors, signaling the end of another tiring school day. Once their teacher had dismissed the class, Alex and his classmates streamed out of their classroom. Unlike many of his schoolmates who lingered on due to extra-curricular activities, Alex made a beeline for the school gate as he could not wait to be home and have his lunch.


         Alex’s walk was uneventful. At the void deck, the grumpy neighbourhood cat hissed at Alex. However, Alex paid no mind to the stray animal and continued on with his journey. The cat soon noticed that Alex was just yet another passing stranger and walked away in search of a quiet place for its afternoon nap.


         The next day, Alex was walking down the same route home from school. Just then, he heard the pitiful cries of a cat and boisterous laughter of young children. He followed the sound and saw some boys mistreating the stray cat that Alex encountered the previous day by hitting it and poking it with a stick. At the sight of that horrific act, Alex immediately stepped forward and confronted them.


         “Stop mistreating the cat!” he thundered as he stormed towards the boys. After hearing what Alex had said, the boys took to their heels, leaving the poor animal cowering in the corner. The cat had scratches all over its body. Its fur was matted and it continued to cry in pain. Alex feared that the cat would not make it and wanted to take it to the veterinarian immediately.


         However, when Alex approached the cat, it hissed at him. Alex decided to offer the cat some water and after comforting the cat with gentle words, it eventually calmed down. Alex then picked the cat up gingerly and bought it to the nearest veterinarian.
After they reached the veterinarian, the veterinarian recognized Alex’s kind deed as the poor cat would have succumbed to its injuries. When Alex realised how severe the injuries were, he felt a greater sense of responsibility for the cat.


         After a few days, the cat was nursed back to health. During the few days, Alex started to adore the cat after and in return, its eyes glimmered with joy when Alex came to visit it at the veterinarian. Soon, Alex decided to adopt the cat after it had recovered from its injuries, and he decided to name it “Donut”. Since then, Donut never left Alex’s side and it would always show its love and gratitude to Alex.


         As a famous philosopher once said, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” The sequence of the events that transpired had made the saying ring true and left an indelible mark on Alex. After that unforgettable incident, Alex learnt to be brave in confronting those who have committed an injustice and be compassionate in caring for those who are helpless.


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