A Day Spent Outdoors

by Mynn Lim (P3 2022)
              “Yay! I can’t wait to see Mark and Nick at the park later!” I exclaimed as my mother and I were packing my belongings into a bag that Sunday morning. My mother beamed widely, full of mirth, as soon as she heard me. Once we were done packing, I ran to the front door but soon stopped in my tracks.
              “I need to bring my soccer ball because I promised my friends that we will play a friendly match later!” I cried. Then, I scurried to my room to fetch my soccer ball. Tucking it into the crook of my arm, I marched to the front door yet again and my family set off for our trip to the park.
              “Yay! We made it! I cheered for joy once we arrived and I ran around the park in excitement. The park was bustling with activity. Many families were enjoying their own picnics. Laughter and chatter filled the air. I looked around for my friends. Soon, I saw Mark and Nick on their picnic mat playing chopsticks. I ran over to greet them and invited them to a game.
              “Who wants to play a game of soccer?” I asked as I held up the soccer ball.
              “I do!” everyone exclaimed and we ran to an open space next to a pedestrian walkway. We ran so quickly that my parents’ advice for us to be careful fell on deaf ears.
              While my parents prepared our lunch, my friends and I played fiercely. Just then, Nick kicked the ball with all her might and the ball soared in the air and hit a passer-by. The passer-by fell with a loud thud and let out a cry. I ran to the passer-by filled with anxiety and supported her as she got up. I apologised profusely to the passer-by. The passer-by forgave me since she was not badly hurt. When my parents heard the commotion, they rushed over. They were very disappointed in me and my friends. We hung our heads in shame and decided to stop our game for the day.
              From this incident, I learnt to be more careful and cautious when playing outdoors. I was thankful that the passer-by was not badly injured and had been so forgiving. Nevertheless, this incident left an indelible mark on me and would be etched in my mind forever.
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