A Day Spent Outdoors

by Caryse Chan (P3 2021)
               “Ready? Let’s carry our bags and head to the beach!” My mother exclaimed before walking briskly to the car. My brother and I cheered for joy and did a small skip to the car, carrying some of the food that our mother prepared for us. My father first checked that we were buckled in safely then drove us to the beach. We talked about all the activities that we would do there. When we reached, our eyes lit up. I could see people playing merrily with sand and I could smell the sea salt water. Since it was the weekend, the beach was crowded with families wanting to enjoy the warmth of the sun.
               After we laid our mat in a shady area, my younger brother suggested a game.
               “Let’s have a competition where the winner would be able to relax while the loser has to build yet another sandcastle!” He exclaimed. I nodded. We also wanted to see who could build a taller sandcastle. I was determined to win.
               “I am going to win the game!” I declared with a grin on my face.
               “No, I am going to be the winner. Ready… 3… 2… 1… Go!” My brother retorted before picking up his own bucket and spade.
               I used my spade to scoop up the sand and put it into the bucket. With every scoop I took, I was sweating even more profusely. I repeated the same action again and again until I made a majestic sandcastle. When brother saw my sandcastle, his eyebrows were furrowed. Frustrated, he stepped on the sandcastle I made because mine was better than his. I crossed my arms. I wanted to exact my revenge and do the same thing to his sandcastle. However, I did not want him to cry.
               Instead, we worked together to build on an even more majestic sandcastle. We were beaming from ear to ear after we accomplished what we had wanted. Our parents’ mouths fell wide open as they were amazed by our creation and they took many pictures of it. My brother suggested to build another one but my parents explained that he should first apologise for his actions earlier.
               “Sorry for stepping on your sandcastle. Please forgive me,” my brother apologised with his head hung low.
“It is okay,” I reassured him and gave him a hug.
               From this incident, my brother learnt about sportsmanship and he understood that he should respect others. I was thankful that he had learnt a valuable lesson. I had so much fun that day and I hope to spend another wonderful day at the beach with my family soon!


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