A Courageous Act

by Gareth Chua (P6 2021)
          John was on the brink of death. The rainy season of January made the water in the canal rush even more wildly than before. Especially with his inability to swim, it was even harder for him to stay afloat. John screamed a faint cry of “Help!” but no one heard. This had all begun that very morning…
         It was a bright and sunny morning at the beach and many people went there to cool off. Another day on the job as a lifeguard, another story to tell to her grandkids. Saving people was Alice’s passion, and she wanted to make a difference.
         All was fine until today, where she had not managed to save a drowning man. Alice left her lifeguard post right when a man was drowning and ended up getting a shelling from her boss. Guilt gnawed at Alice’s insides as she tried to calm her guilty conscience with herculean effort but to no avail.
         Alice decided to take a break from work after all that had happened. She was walking home when she passed by a canal. Just as Alice was trudging her heavy footsteps on the muddy floor, she heard a faint cry of “Help!” At first, Alice paid no heed to that but after hearing it for the second time, Alice followed that sound and went to take a look. Alice gasped at the sight of a boy struggling to keep afloat in the canal with rushing water.
         Alice immediately jumped into the canal without hesitation and applied everything that she had learned being a lifeguard. Should I save him? What if I can’t save him? Alice thought to herself.  Alice had never saved anyone from a canal but nothing could sway her from doing the right thing. After ten minutes of struggling, Alice finally managed to save the boy from drowning.
         After getting out of the canal, the boy thanked Alice profusely and there was even an audience, of which people were taking videos. Alice’s courageous act was recorded and the video went viral. Moreover, John personally thanked Alice and even offered her some money. However, Alice turned down the money instead and said, “This is what I am supposed to do, you need not thank me.”
         After this incident, Alice learnt the importance of being courageous.
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