A Careless Act

by Tan Ting En (P4 2021)
            “How could you be so careless?” Roy’s mother scolded.
            Roy and his mother just came back from the supermarket.
            “Mummy, cook me dinner! I am so hungry!” Roy commanded impolitely. Immediately, Roy went to his room to get the iPad and started to play with it. Ever since he got his new iPad, he started to be rude to people.
            “Roy! Roy!” Mother shouted.
            “Urgh! What? I am playing my video games!” Roy grumbled as he stomped towards the kitchen.
            “I need to go to the toilet. Don’t touch the pan. It is very hot, okay?” Mother warned.
            “Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” Roy rolled his eyes and ignored his mother. Roy went back to his room and continued to play his video games. “Yes! I won again! Huh? What is that smell? It smells so good!” Roy thought as he rubbed his grumbling tummy. Roy walked to the kitchen to investigate. “So the smell is coming from the kitchen! I want to eat it so badly!” Roy thought to himself as his eyes glimmered with excitement. Roy walked towards the stove.
            “I cannot wait for dinner! I have to eat it now!” Roy exclaimed, licking his lips. Feeling hungry, Roy walked towards the hot pan. Unfortunately, Roy was too short as he was only five years old. He could not reach the handle! “I am dying to eat this!” Roy thought as a smirk spread across his face. He tried to lift the pan off the stove, but the pan was still too heavy for him. So, he used his hands to hold the side of the pan instead of the handle.
            “Ah! It’s so hot!” Roy screamed. He accidentally knocked the pan off the stove and dropped the pan. The soup inside the pan spilled onto Roy’s foot.
            “Hot! Very hot! Help! Help! Mummy! Help me! Please!” Roy screamed in fear as tears started to trickle down his face. Roy’s mother heard Roy screaming and immediately went to help him.
            “My dear boy. What happened to you?” Roy’s mother asked with concern. Without hesitation, she carried Roy towards the toilet. She poured some cool water onto Roy’s foot and put medicine. Then, she called the ambulance. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Roy’s mother cleaned up the mess.
            Soon, the ambulance came. When they reached the hospital, the doctor examined Roy’s foot.
            “Your son’ s foot is burnt very badly. He has to stay at the hospital for the next two days and might have to sit on a wheelchair for a while,” the doctor announced. “I’ m so sorry for the bad news. I hope your son will get well soon,”
            “How could you be so careless, Roy? ” Roy’ s mother scolded. “Do you know that you have to stay in the hospital for two days? ”
            “I’m so sorry, mummy. I had no idea this would happen. I promise this won’ t happen again,” Roy apologized.
            Roy was so guilty for being addicted to his iPad and not listening to his mother. He regretted doing the careless act and promised that he would never do it again.
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