A Careless Act

by Leonidas Ler (P4 2021)
              “Hey, Tim! Remember to wear your helmet when you cycle,” Tim’s mother shouted across the living room just when Tim was about to cycle to meet his friend at the park, Tim nodded his head and reached for his safety gear. While Tim secured his helmet, Tim noticed his scar on his leg. The scar reminded him of a time when he got into a car accident. That fateful day will always remain in his memory.
              It was a typical Friday afternoon and Tim was out on his usual cycling trip around East Coast Park. He was cycling on the road as there were many people on the pavement. He was thrilled to cycle on his new bicycle that day. He would always wear his Airpods and listen to his music very loudly when he cycled. He also brought his smartphone along. He thought to himself “Since there are not many cars on the road, I can play my new game that I had just downloaded.” He whistled a happy tune as he kept his eyes on his smartphone.
All of a sudden, a speeding sports car appeared from the corner, Tim did not see the sports car coming out as he was engrossed with his smartphone. Bang! Tim was knocked down by the speeding sports car. The driver’s eyes widen in horror. The pedestrians let out a loud gasp and their jaws dropped. The driver quickly came out of his car and saw that a pool of blood had formed around Tim’s body. Tim cried in pain. Hot tears flow down from his cheeks. At once, the driver fainted.
              When Tim reached the hospital, he was aching all over and he kept coughing. Luckily, Tim’s mother arrived soon after. As soon as she was there, she was bewildered. She went to the doctor and asked him how Tim was. The doctor said that Tim had to take an X-ray. Tim’s mother nodded vigorously. After talking to the doctor, Tim’s mother asked Tim what had happened. Tim recounted the whole incident. Her hands were clenched and she became more and more furious by each passing minute. She scolded Tim for being so careless. Tim was ashamed and apologised to his mother.
              From that incident, Tim learnt to be more careful when he was cycling and he learnt not to play with his smartphone when it was not the right times. Nevertheless, Tim’s mother would still advise him to put on his safety gear and to follow safety rules.
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