A Careless Act

by Cathy Chew (P4 2021)

               Will was a very playful boy. He always did the wrong action when he knew what the right thing to do was. One Sunday afternoon, he was in the kitchen at home alone. He was extremely hungry, so he decided to boil some water and cook some instant noodles. He turned the stove on, filled up a pot with water and started boiling the water. After about one to two minutes, the water was still not boiling so he became very impatient.

               He went to the living room and turned the television on. After flipping through some channels, he found a how that was very interesting and he could not get his eyes off the television. Will watched the show for ten minutes.

               All of a sudden, he smelt a burning smell and heard the sound of bubbles popping noises coming from the kitchen. “Oh no! The kettle!” Will explained as he ran quickly to the kitchen. He saw water everywhere as the water overflowed from the pot. He wanted to remove some water from the pot as he knew it would help the overflowing. He tried to hold on to the handle of the pot but the pot was too heavy and it tipped over. Some of the boiling water spilt on his hand. “Ouch!” Will shrieked as the boiling water scalded him. His arm was bright red from the hot water and it was tingling in pain. Tears began to form in his eyes.

               His legs were shaking as he was very scared. He quickly took some ice from the freezer and iced his hands to stop the pain from the scalded area. After icing his hands and calming down, Will ran to the phone and called his parents. He told them the truth and what happened and promised to never boil water at home by himself again.

               From this incident, Will learnt to not to touch a cooking pan or a pan unless there is a trusted adult with him.


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