A Bully

by Ezra Ng (P2 2020)
     “What? Mark has the pencil I have always wanted from Smiggle!” Ben, the notorious class bully, thought to himself as his heart burnt with envy.


     He had always been jealous of Mark for being the best student in class. Mark was also often seen having the latest stationery and the coolest gadgets. As a result, Ben found every chance he could to bully Mark.


     That day, Ben wanted to tease Mark by throwing his pencil away.


     “Hey, that’s mine!” cried Mark as tears welled up in his eyes and began rolling down his cheeks. Without a teacher around, the class that had been noisier than a wet market came to a complete silence. Everybody stopped what they were doing and stared in shock. Mark was overwhelmed with frustration as Ben refused to return the pencil. Tired of arguing with Ben, he agreed to let Ben keep the pencil for himself.


     For the rest of the day, Mark decided to ignore Ben as such unpleasant incidents happened almost every day. However, Ben continued with his antics. As Mark was walking towards the dustbin, a mischievous idea struck Ben. With an evil smile spread across his face, he took the opportunity to bully Mark again.


     He decided to stick out his foot. Without noticing Ben’s foot, Mark tripped over it. He knocked his forehead against the corner of the table. Ben’s jaw dropped. His eyebrows furrowed. Ben was filled with fear when he saw blood trickle down Mark’s forehead.


     Just then, Mdm Phong walked in. She was shocked to see what had happened. She immediately brought Mark to the sick bay for the school nurse to dress his wound.


     After hearing both sides of the story, Mdm Phong reprimanded Ben and called his parents, informing them of what had happened. Regretting what he had done, Ben hung his head in shame and apologised profusely to Mark. Although Mark had forgiven him, Ben learnt that when he commits a wrongdoing, he will receive his comeuppance.

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