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Built on Critical Reading and Writing, Cognitus Academy’s English Programme produces strong results and lasting improvement through the Critical Reading and Writing (CRW) Strategy & motivation.

Our Strategy

Using strategies taught to students in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP),
our Primary programme is built upon years of experience teaching,
designing curriculum, marking exams and designing assessment modes in schools.
We can’t wait to share them with you!

Critical Reading and Writing principles used in MOE’s Gifted Education Programme form the basis of Cognitus Academy’s English programmes. Don’t worry. Although these strategies are taught to gifted students, our programmes are DOWN-TO-EARTH techniques that have helped students of all abilities improve and excel.

Does your child find English boring? Here’s why.

The lessons your child has been attending are not pitched according to their level of readiness.
If they are unable to grasp the lesson, forcing them to finish their English assignments demotivates them.
If the lessons are too simple, your child will be bored and unmotivated.

At Cognitus Academy, our programme is crafted to MEET every child’s level of readiness and motivate them to achieve their FULL potential. Through our own passion for the English language, our trained and experienced teachers ignite students’ LOVE and INTEREST in English.

We understand that...

students need to know
‘why’ before they ask the ‘what’ and ‘how’.

Therefore, we teach our young charges to set learning goals study plans and motivate them to work towards their targets. Weekly lessons from newspaper articles also make the language come to life and encourage students to think broadly and critically about local and global issues.

Lower Primary English

Our structured Lower Primary programme for Primary 3 and 4 students develops
mastery and fluency in grammar, vocabulary and exam skills to build confidence in our pupils.

Developing core strengths in young learner

Beginning from literacy and phonics, our programme stretches students’ ability to think about and learn English in a fun way.

Key Components
✔ Mastery of grammar
✔ Building vocabulary
✔ Exam skills
✔ Literacy and comprehension skills
✔ Phonics and oral skills
✔ Confidence in writing

Upper Primary English

For Upper Primary pupils, our proven strategies for improving English results,
ultimately achieving Distinction, in PSLE English exams involve not only exam tips,
but also equip them with critical reading and writing skills to maximise their potential.

Laying the foundation for PSLE distinction

Critical reading skills taught at Cognitus Academy have elevated students’ ability to read with understanding and score for sections such as Comprehension MCQ and Open-ended and Comprehension Cloze Passage.

Key Components
✔ Exam techniques for Comprehension Open-ended, Cloze Passage, Synthesis and Transformation and Situational Writing
✔ Precision in grammar conventions
✔ Appreciation and application of vocabulary
✔ Accuracy and consistency in reading comprehension
✔ Flair and creativity in written and oral communication
✔ Termly assessment designed to stretched students’ abilities

Here's why our parents believe in the CRW Strategy!

"Benjamin enjoys each lesson tremendously and finds that topics discussed during lessons have improved his general knowledge. He has also grown more confident."
Parent of
Benjamin, Primary 5
"Thanks to Cognitus, I see the progress of my child. He has got his confidence on composition."
Parent of
Takuya, Primary 6
"Ms Nawirah is very passionate and nuturing. My son enjoys attending Ms Nawirah's lessons. Under her guidance, he is able to write and do well in his composition test, how amazing is that!”
Parent of
Aidan, Primary 3
"Emily enjoys going for class every week. Dr Chua makes the learning process fun and interesting that Emily enjoys being taught by him, and always shares her positive experiences. Emily enjoys the company of the classmates in Cognitus and she is self-motivated to complete her assignment with quality to win a thumbs-up from her tutor."
Parent of
Emily, Primary 6

Thank you for taking time to read about our Primary programme.
Hundreds of students have achieved massive improvements using our CRW Strategy.
Your child should not miss out any longer on this opportunity to improve on his or her English.
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