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If you are a JC student struggling with GP, would you like an experienced university professor to coach you towards Distinction in your GP exam?

Dr Daniel Chua earned a PhD in History from a top Australian university and has been teaching in a local university since 2014. He has designed a GP programme that sharpens critical thinking skills and is rooted in practical exam techniques.

Our Strategy

Using strategies taught to students in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP),
our GP programme is built upon years of experience teaching,
designing curriculum, marking exams and designing assessment modes.
We can’t wait to share them with you!

Critical Reading and Writing principles used in MOE’s Gifted Education Programme form the basis of Cognitus Academy’s English programmes. Don’t worry. Although these strategies are taught to gifted students, our programmes are DOWN-TO-EARTH techniques that have helped students of all abilities improve and excel.

4 levels of Critical Reading

In the 4 levels of Critical Reading, paraphrasing and identifying main ideas
are foundational skills for doing well in General Paper exams.

The deeper levels of critical reading (analysing text logic, evaluating text logic and understanding the writer’s intent) set Cognitus' students apart from all others in the A Level GP exams.

8 Elements of Thought

Students are taught to dissect essay questions and analyse texts through the 8 Elements of Thought

Credits: This diagram is taken from Paul and Elder’s theory on Critical Thinking.

✔ Purpose: What are the objectives of this text/essay/image?
✔ Question at issue: What is the issue of contention involved?
✔ Information: What type of data do I need to answer the question?
✔ Interpretation and Inference: How can the information be applied to the question?
✔ Concepts: What are the theories and concepts that I need to know?
✔ Assumptions: What are the underlying beliefs and assumptions of the question/text?
✔ Implications and Consequences: What will happen if my answer/proposal is implemented?
✔ Point-of-view: What are the different points-of-view relevant to this text/question? 

Writing persuasive GP essays

A convincing GP essay requires strong content and clear structure.

Strong Content

Apart from writing strategies, our GP programme also provides
content lectures delivered by Dr Daniel Chua and other guest lecturers.
These lectures cover the most pertinent issues students will encounter in their GP exams, including topics such as

✔ History
✔ Politics
✔ Technology
✔ Human Rights
✔ Economics
✔ Social, Gender, Culture
✔ Education
✔ Media
✔ Law and Justice
✔ Environment
✔ War and Conflicts

Clear Structure

Clear thinking begets clear writing. Our GP sessions equips students with

✔ Tools for developing strong analytical thinking
✔ Strategies for essay writing
✔ Weekly discussions about current issues and trends
✔ Termly assessment designed to stretch students’ abilities
✔ Customised revision plans to prepare students for GP exams
✔ Personalised feedback for individual improvement

Scoring Distinction for Paper 2

To ace Short-Answer Questions (SAQ), Summary and Application Questions (AQ), our GP programme covers

✔ Reading comprehension texts for critical understanding
✔ Weekly discussions about current issues and trends
✔ Termly assessment designed to stretch students’ abilities
✔ Customized revision plans to prepare students for GP exams

Hear What Our Student Say

Don't just take it from us!

"I started GP lessons with Dr Chua as I believed that his proposed way of teaching would help me in the areas that I knew I needed help with. Dr Chua was very patient and prompt in correcting all my linguistic errors and paragraph structuring. He was also willing to do detailed marking of multiple assignments I submitted during the short threee months that I joined. Not only was he flexible, he was also generous in providing many useful resources that helped me score A in A Levels.”
Cognitus Student Br
Eunoia Junior College

Thanks for taking time to read about our GP programme.
These are the underlying principles behind some of the strategies taught to gifted kids.
We want mainstream students to also benefit from them because we have seen how powerful they can be.
If you want to try out our Critical Reading and Writing strategies,
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