Helping an Injured Elderly Lady

by Walden Chua (P3 2020)


The tranquillity of the park was shattered by the cheerful screams of children. It was a school holiday, so John and James decided to spend that afternoon playing tag. They played to their hearts’ content until they were exhausted. They were drenched with sweat so they found a bench to rest and drink some water.


At that same time, an old lady was walking by the park. She was carrying many grocery bags filled with oranges. Her family members had been busy so they could not help her with her groceries. She was very sad by that fact.


Unbeknownst to the old lady, there was a small puddle of water on the pavement. Unfortunately, she slipped and fell with a loud thud. The oranges in her grocery bag were scattered on the ground.


When she fell, the old lady sustained minor injuries. Blood was trickling from cuts on her elbow. She cried out in agony.


The boys immediately sprung to her aid. They helped her up and brought her to the nearest bench. The children called for an adult who was exercising, and he administered first aid from his first aid kit.


Once her cuts were attended to, the old lady was very grateful, and she praised them. She noted that she would be more careful next time. The passer-by even offered to get her a trolley. From that fateful day, the children learnt that they should always help others in need.

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