Strategy to Teach English and Mathematics in a Gifted Way
Designed by Ex-MOE HOD and PSLE Markers
With a Proven Track Record of Achieving Distinction


Following methods used in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP), Cognitus Academy has designed a system that develops critical thinking while integrating practical English Language and Math skills that are relevant for school exams.

Our strategies continue to be refined by our curriculum team comprising our ex-MOE teachers, Heads of Department, Senior Teachers, PSLE markers and experienced Cognitus teachers,.

Our teachers are not only proficient in delivering lessons that apply our tried and tested methods, but also participate in making the system more engaging and effective during our weekly curriculum planning sessions.

English Strategy

We have developed the Critical Reading & Writing (CRW) Strategy, which was derived from the research of Professors Richard Paul and Linda Elder.

Credits: This framework is an adaptation and synthesis of Paul and Elder’s theory on Critical Thinking, and books on Critical Reading and Critical Writing.

We have refined our approach to the CRW Strategy,
with 4 levels of Critical Reading and 2 emphases on Critical Writing.

Our students apply the CRW Strategy to achieve improvements in their English results, some progressing from AL5 to Distinction.

Mathematics Strategy

The DEPTH Framework provides 5 key elements to help students learn Math effectively. This framework evaluates students’ current ability, helps to clear doubts, and exposes students to exam-based questions.

Our curriculum structure includes asking probing questions in class to encourage students to explore, discover and build their confidence in Math.

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How Cognitus Academy Gives Your Child the Edge

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✅ Our teaching approach is guided by English CRW Strategy and Math DEPTH Framework, maximising lesson time for your child’s learning. Your child might have spent many months, even years, in some tuition centres but have not seen improvement because they do not impart proven strategies to fundamentally improve your child’s results.

✅ Our class sizes are kept small for your child’s maximum contact time with teachers. Let’s face it. Students are not learning effectively in schools because of massive class sizes and overworked (and overwhelmed) teachers. Looking for big tuition classes will be just as ineffective.

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✅ Our team is passionate and experienced, with a proven track record. Home-based one-to-one tuition can cost $70/80 per hour for experienced teachers. On the other hand, teachers who charge lower fees are often current students and untrained teachers. With us, you get value for money, but more importantly, value for your child’s precious time.

Hear What Some Our Parents Say

Don't just take it from us!


Grew More Confident

“Benjamin enjoys each lesson tremendously and finds that topics discussed during lessons have improved his general knowledge. He has also grown more confident.”
Parent of Benjamin, Primary 5

Passionate and Nurturing Teachers

“Ms Nawirah is very passionate and nuturing. My son enjoys attending Ms Nawirah’s lessons. Under her guidance, he is able to write and do well in his composition test, how amazing is that!”
Parent of Aidan, Primary 3

Always Looking Forward to Lessons

“Emily enjoys going for class every week. Dr Chua makes the learning process fun and interesting that Emily enjoys being taught by him, and always shares her positive experiences. Emily enjoys the company of the classmates in Cognitus and she is self-motivated to complete her assignment with quality to win a thumbs-up from her tutor.”
Parent of Emily, Primary 6

Great Progression in Composition

“Thanks to Cognitus, I see the progress of my child. He has got his confidence on composition.”
Parent of Takuya, Primary 6

Built Up Love for English

“My daughter has built up so much love and confidence for the subject ever since she has joined Cognitus. She always looks forward to her classes and does her English revision without much supervision.
Strongly recommend Cognitus to parents looking for a fun and effective English programme.”
Parent of Eritha Tan, Primary 6

Excellent strategies requires excellent execution

Our team of experienced teachers are well-versed in the CRW Strategy and are fully dedicated to help your child grow and improve.

Ms Nawirah Nordeen

Education Consultant / Teacher

Ms Nawirah Nordeen completed her degree in Psychology with Magna Cum Laude. Always passionate about teaching English and committed to her students, she has guided hundreds of students since she started teaching in 2012.

Ms Shabbna Feroz Khan

Education Consultant / Teacher

Ms Shabbna earned her degree from the National University of Singapore, majoring in philosophy with a minor in English Literature. Before that, she achieved a sterling academic record for English scoring A* for PSLE, A1 for O Levels and 7 out of 7 for IB English at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).

Ms Heidi Boon

Education Consultant / Teacher

Ms Boon graduated with a degree in English from the National University of Singapore, and has more than a decade of experience teaching English privately. As a certified MOE relief teacher, she has also taught at Anglo-Chinese School and River Valley High. She was also a teacher and centre manager for an established English Language centre.

Ms Ong

Education Consultant / Teacher

Ms Ong teaches English and mathematics in Cognitus Academy. A trained teacher, Ms Ong has taught in MOE schools for 12 years and has accumulated 15 years of teaching in private education settings. She has also received the Most Caring Teacher Award from the Academy of Teachers in Singapore for two consecutive years, as well as the Outstanding Teacher Award conferred by MOE, which is one of the most distinguished awards for recognising the professionalism of Singapore teachers.

Here are some of our students who achieved massive improvements in their English exams

Cognitus Plus

Apart from delivery the strongest English and Math curriculum possible, what else are we doing to add value to our students? We are currently supplementing our courses with the following package called Cognitus Plus.

Cognitus Online

Our very own student portal, Cognitus Online, provides supplementary materials and past exam papers for students to practise. This is a portal that not only supports our online students but, also our students attending physical classes.
To learn more about Cognitus Online, click READ MORE.

Parents Support Facebook Page

Our Parents’ Support Group on Facebook invites students and parents to ask challenging questions, which our teachers will reply.
To learn more about our Facebook page, click READ MORE.


Our Blog pages feature study tips, exam techniques and model compositions to support our students and parents.
To learn more about blog, click READ MORE.

Cognitus Plus for English

Centre Library

Our teachers have hand-picked more than 200 titles for our centre library, which exposes students to a range of genres and literature. Our students have access to The Straits Times online and quality periodicals such as Time, National Geographic kids, BBC Earth, etc.
To learn more about our centre library, click READ MORE.

Students' Works

Every child comes to Cognitus Academy to improve their English. Wherever they are in their Mastery of English Composition is often their greatest area of weakness. We value the opportunity to guide our students to constantly improve their writing through multiple drafts and are proud to publish their drafts on our webpage.
To learn more about our students’ works, click READ MORE.

Class Size

In order to optimise precious time in every lesson, we have kept our class sizes small. Small class sizes ensures that every student gets the attention from their teachers and have meaningful interaction among classmates and teachers. Such a setting is conducive for clarifying doubts and sharing different points of view.


The most effective English and Math strategies develop critical thinking and take time to master. Although some students see improvement right away, most will take 2-3 months to see results.

In order to help your child improve their results as soon as possible, schedule an immersion session with us today!

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