Hear what parents have to say about our robust and engaging English Programme!

Built up Love and Confidence for English at Cognitus

“My daughter has built up so much love and confidence for the subject ever since she has joined Cognitus. She always looks forward to her classes and does her English revision without much supervision. Strongly recommend Cognitus to any parents whose looking for a fun and effective English programme.”

Mrs Tan, Mother of Eritha Tan, Primary 4

Enjoy and Always Look Forward to Learning New Words

“Fabrienne thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and always look forward to learning new words and reading articles”

Mrs Loh, Mother of Fabrienne Loh, Primary 4

Lots of New Vocabulary…Fun and Beneficial

“Harshini has learnt lots of new vocabulary through the newspaper article activity. Its fun yet beneficial.”

Ms Nathan, Mother of Harshini, Primary 5

Friendly Teacher…Up-to-date

“Friendly and updated of current developments like latest newspaper articles which was shared.”

Mr Chang, Father of Chang Jun Yang, Primary 5

Short Runway to A for PSLE


Targeted Coaching. Simple, Yet Powerful


Surprised that He is Keen on Tuition


Great Fun, Easy to Understand


We Cover the Depth and Breadth of Teaching English and Thinking